This Week in Internet Marketing 2012 07 03

This Week in Internet Marketing 2012 07 03

Welcome back! I hope your Canada Day long-weekend was wonderful! You might have taken some time to relax, but the world on Internet marketing didn’t skip a beat. Here are some articles that you might have missed. Google vs. Bing: Battle of the Search Engines; 5 Tips for Writing Quality Title Tags; Twitter Paid Advertising for Small Businesses: How to Get the Most Out of the Promoted Tweets Platform; and Google Analytics Comes to Mobile Apps.

This Week In Internet Marketing 2012 07 03

Google vs. Bing: Battle of the Search Engines

Microsoft has made many recent advancements to the Bing search platform. Bing is trying to become your friend, and beginning to suggest information from your friend’s social networks with their toolbar: “What Your Friends May Know.” In May, Google released its knowledge graph whereby instead of using keywords to define your search, it now searches topics to provide relevant information. Will Bing’s new advancements help it carve out market share?

How to Get the Most Out of the Promoted Tweets Platform

Have you started to advertising on Twitter yet? If not, there’s no better time than the present. Twitter has recently announced its plan to introduce advertising products to 50 more countries. The suite of advertising products include “Promoted Tweets,” Promoted Trends,” and “Promoted Accounts.” Check out this article and learn how to get the most the promoted platform for your small business.

Google Analytics Comes to Mobile Apps

The mobile tool that developers have been waiting has finally arrived! The Google Analytics will now be available for apps. The tool will give developers data outlining who is using their app, how they are using it and tons of conversion data. See this article and learn all the features available.

5 Tips for Writing Quality Title Tags

If you want your webpage to be easily found by search engine spiders, you must ensure to create quality Title Tags. It’s important that each page of a website has a unique title that describes the content. Not only is this essential for accuracy and but it will assist your SEO and help you attract your desired audience.

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