This Week in Internet Marketing 2012 04 17

This Week in Internet Marketing 2012 04 17

Spring is in full-swing and so is the internet marketing world. Here are the stories you need to know this week: how attorneys use social media as evidence; Google grows 24% year over year; Facebook improves groups for students; best practices for handling expired website content; and Google search behaviour's link to GDP.

This Week in Internet Marketing 2012 04 17

How Family Law Attorneys Use Social Media Activity as Evidence in Court

This article and accompanying infographic highlights the increasingly important role social media has played in helping demonstrate a "person’s psychological state or corroborating claims of a person’s location at a specific time." Social Media posts have been used as evidence nearly 700 times since 2010 and the trend will only continue as people keep posting incriminating public updates.

Google Grows 24% Since Last Years, Create a New Class of Non-Voting Shares

Google announced a massive quarter which saw the company's revenue jump 24% over the previous year. With this massive expansion Google will no longer give most shareholders the ability to vote and influence the company's direction. From Google: "after careful consideration with our board of directors, we have decided that maintaining this founder-led approach is in the best interests of Google, our shareholders and our users. Having the flexibility to use stock without diluting our structure will help ensure we are set up for success for decades to come.”

Facebook Releases New Products to Help Students Create Groups and Share Notes and Media

Facebook has enhanced its groups for students which now allows them to share class notes, providing students with a central hub to communicate with one another. The service is only available to students with a .edu email address. This is a clever user acquisition strategy whereby students who are not on Facebook may join for the sheer convenience of getting class notes. It's a smart move on Facebook's part that will help them acquire users who are otherwise reluctant to sign up.

Best Practices for Handling Expired Content

This article from the experts at SEOmoz talks about the best way to handle expired content. This refers to content that is only relevant for a limited time period e.g. job postings, real estate listings, discontinued products, etc. The article encourages us to look at how expired pages are linked to throughout the web and use strategies like 301 redirects to relevant pages, useful 404 pages, or simply letting the page live and letting your visitors know what other products/pages would still be relevant to them.

Google Search Behaviour Linked to GDP

A quantitative study by researchers at University College London's Department of Mathematics found that countries who produced higher relative search volumes regarding historical search terms tended to have a lower GDP when compared to countries with higher GDPs who searched more about the future than the past. From the study: “Firstly, these findings may reflect international differences in attention to the future and the past, where a focus on the future supports economic success. Secondly, these findings may reflect international differences in the type of information sought online, perhaps due to economic influences on available Internet infrastructure.”

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