This Week in Internet Marketing 2012 03 20

This Week in Internet Marketing 2012 03 20

Spring officially arrives tomorrow! And surely a week of exciting internet marketing news will follow. So far we’ve seen: Google’s plans to change search (yet again); an increase in AdWords campaign limits; why you should still invest in paid search despite strong organic rankings; an inside view of a Google search team meeting; and 4 proven B2B ad targeting techniques.
This Week in Internet Marketing 2012 03 20

How Google Plans to Change Search This Year

This article from Mashable provides an overview of how search will evolve in 2012. Google will  begin to list attributes for certain terms. For example “a search for “Lake Tahoe” will produce “key attributes” that Google knows about the lake, including its altitude, location, salt content and average temperature.” It will also be able to determine what words mean when they’re grouped together e.g. “New York” vs. new York University campus.

AdWords Increases Campaign Limit

Previously Google imposed a limit of 500 campaigns and 3 million keywords per AdWords account. The new limit is 10,000 campaigns per account. This is definitely a marker of how big AdWords has become and how the professional paid search management industry has grown. So what does this mean? Bring on the campaigns, we’re ready for them!

Why you Still Need To Keep Buying Search Ads

Most of us realize that your organic search strategy and your paid advertising work together and contribute to your overall traffic. It’s tempting to switch off your paid search advertising when you’re organic is performing well. An update to a Google study on this topic found that although organic clicks went up after paid search was paused, they did not go up enough to make up for the lost clicks.

Want to be a Fly on the Wall at Google?

This video gives us an inside glimpse on a meeting of the top search minds at Google. In this case they discuss how to improve autocorrect for queries of 10 words or more. Even though searches with 10+ words only make up 0.1% of searches, it’s still really interesting to see them passionately debate this potential improvement.

Proven B2B Targeting Strategies

This article from Search Engine Land covers some interesting strategies like including negative keyword misspellings. Say you don’t want people searching for “foreign X service.” “Foreign” is your negative keyword, but have you ever thought of including misspellings like forinn, forieng, and foriegn? That’s just one of the tips found in this very informative article.

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