This Week in Internet Marketing 2012 01 30

This Week in Internet Marketing 2012 01 30

With the first month of 2012 coming to a close, we’re one month into another year of exciting internet marketing news! Last week brought us three ways local businesses can leverage PPC marketing; strategies for enhancing SEO for B2Bs; tips for analyzing Google AdWords; giving your content the best chance to go viral; and drawing parallels between Google +1’s and backlinks.

This Week in Internet Marketing 2012 01 30

3 Ways Local Businesses Can Use Pay Per Click Marketing

This article stresses the importance of PPC’s role in local marketing including ads, maps, and local listings. Elements like a captivating headline paired with a strong Google Places listing can pay dividends for local businesses. Other tips like hyper geographic targeting that allows you to bid on short-tail keywords like “dentist,” or “plastic surgeon” make this article a must read.

Enhancing Your B2B SEO Strategy

With everyone setting their budgets this time of year, it’s the perfect time to determine your SEO focus. SEO is not all off-page work, though it’s a vital component, re-examining your website structure and design can also pay huge dividends. Strategies mentioned in the article include a content strategy that includes more imagery and less text, as B2B often requires some explanation the use of visuals can often help out and help create valuable links to your content.

Analyzing Google AdWords Ads

This article was written on behalf of WordStream a paid PPC software that we use to better analyze the competition and optimize our clients’ campaigns. The article also acts as an introduction to analyzing the Google AdWords interface and offers more in-depth tips such as creating filters based on performance data. If you’re new to AdWords this article provides a great starting point.

How to Increase Your Content’s “Virality”

The experts at SEOmoz are back at again this week and this time they’re talking about how to make your content more spreadable i.e. how to give it a better chance at going viral. Tips like abandoning your traditional layout in favour of a more streamlined look geared towards showcasing your content makes this video a must watch. Simple and effective tips; bookmark this one!

Are Google+ Connections the New Backlink?

If you read our blog, you probably already know that the backlink is what set Google apart. The author of this Search Engine Land article argues that Google +1’s are the new backlinks and that local SMBs will begin to campaign aggressively for +1’s as they begin to influence local search results both paid and organic. Do you have a +1 button on your website? If not, give us a call!

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