This Week in Internet Marketing 2012 01 16

This Week in Internet Marketing 2012 01 16

2012 is in full-swing and we’re starting to see some interesting internet marketing stories. This week we saw some great examples of link bait; how to run a smart PPC campaign in a high stakes market; Twitter crying foul over Google’s omission of the @ operator; Facebook being more clickable than Twitter and Google+; and some great tips for keyword research.

This Week in Internet Marketing 2012 01 16

10 Examples of Awesome Link Bait

Most of us know that high quality links can boost your search engine rank, so how do websites get people to link to them? One way is by creating link bait. Link bait can be anything from a controversial blog, a useful tutorial to a well done infographic. The geniuses at SEOmoz have put together a list with comprehensive stats on each example, inspiring!

Outsmarting Your PPC Competitors on High-Stakes Keywords

This article outlines some very clever strategies that work well when you have a few players bidding on expensive keywords. Tips like exploiting the AdWords scheduler and discovering when your competitors lower their bid prices throughout the day can work really well. Other strategies like capitalizing on advertisers who’ve spent their daily budget after running the accelerated delivery method (where their ads are shown every time until the budget is spent). There’s a lot of cutting edge tips in this article, highly recommended if you’re running high-cost PPC in a niche space.

Google Gives Twitter’s @ Symbol the Cold Shoulder

Twitter is crying foul over Google’s refusal to index the @ symbol. So when people search e.g. @WWE The WWE’s Twitter page ranks below WWE’s Google+ page. Whereas the + operator turns up results for WWE’s Google+ page. Google argues that they haven’t been given access to Twitter’s private pages. Conversely, WWE’s Twitter page ranks higher in Bing, Yahoo and AOL’s results.

Facebook Users Click on Links Twice as Much as Twitter and Google+ Users

A study from data analytics company Chitika found that the click through rate on Facebook links were twice the rate than that of Twitter or Google Plus. My own personal speculation would be that the lack of image and character limit hurts Twitter in this respect and the infancy of Google+ just doesn’t create enough content to click on, while Facebook’s wealth of content and image previews for links creates a higher CTR.

How to Streamline Your Keyword Research

Tips such as listening to your customer, asking them what they do and encouraging them to speak in their natural vernacular will help you to discover areas they may need to address when describing their products online. The theme of the article (it has proven true with our own clients) is: listen to your clients and use your expertise to add variations and modifiers that will match the keywords people are searching for.

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