This Week in Internet Marketing 2012 01 03

This Week in Internet Marketing 2012 01 03

It’s the first blog post of the new year and there’s plenty of noteworthy internet marketing news to talk about! Last week brought us: Search Engine Land’s most popular Analytics posts for 2011; an about face for SEO; major online marketing trends for 2012; a year of milestones for Twitter; and just for fun, the top 10 YouTube videos of 2011!

This Week in Internet Marketing 2012 01 03

The Most Popular Analytics posts of 2011

We do our best to keep you up-to-date on all the latest internet marketing news. Because it's impossible to bring you every article, it's always a good idea to throw in a "best of" list every now and then. This week we bring you Search Engine Land's most popular Analytics posts of 2011. Included are: How To Integrate Google Analytics & YouTube and How To Measure The True Return On Your Ad Spend. Valuable info within.

The Changing Face of SEO in 2012

2011 was a big year for SEO where we saw big companies like JC Penney and Forbes get penalized by Google for using Black Hat SEO tactics. This article by Business2Community addresses the main challenges for SEOs and predicts that 2012 will divide SEO into two camps: the Technical SEO and the Inbound Marketer. The new rules of SEO set forth by Google will push for a hybrid of content marketing, technical SEO and social media.

Are You Ready for the Major Digital Marketing Trends for 2012?

Are You Ready for the Major Digital Marketing TrendsSearch Engine Land has put together a thorough list of internet marketing predictions for this year. This list includes improvements to Google AdWords such as improving matching algorithms to make better use of ad inventory, new ad formats, incentives to increase quality score. Mobile will also be another major trend in 2012, with the cross-platform compatibility of mobile sites outpacing dedicated apps.

2011: A Year of Milestones on Twitter

It seems (these days) that when any major world event occurs, Twitter quickly becomes a go-to source of information for protestors, onlookers, and journalists. Some of the major milestones for the micro-blogging platform included: localized trend searches, the purchase of TweetDeck, and Twitter Analytics. Visit Mashable to view the full slideshow.

YouTube’s Top Videos of 2011

Even though we are already in the new year, it's always fun (and completely unproductive) to look back at the most popular videos of 2011. This year's top 10 included talking twin babies, Nyan Cat and of course everybody's favourite one hit wonder Rebecca Black with her song "Friday." 2012 looks to be another huge year for online videos, maybe it'll be the year your company makes a splash on YouTube.

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It's a competitive market. Contact us to learn how you can stand out from the crowd.

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