This Week In Internet Marketing 2011 12 26

This Week In Internet Marketing 2011 12 26

With Christmas now passed, the internet marketing industry may have slowed a little bit, but not by much; last week brought us: an authoritative viewpoint on keyword density; Facebook ads in the newsfeed; new features for Google+ Pages; the year’s top SEO articles; and Yahoo!’s top search trends of 2011.

This Week In Internet Marketing 2011 12 26

Is There a Hard and Fast Rule for Keyword Density?

There was a time when search engines looked at a page’s keyword density and weighted results in favour of those pages that were stuffed with keywords. According to Google’s Matt Cutts those days are long over. It turn out that Google will pick up on a keyword the first couple of times its used, but if you over do it, it could actually end up hurting your ranking. Watch the video and be on your way to becoming an SEO expert!

Facebook Ads In The News Feed About To Be A Reality

The days of Facebook ads only appearing off to the right of the page may soon be over. Although sponsored stories (ads which appear “your friend” likes this) have been around for some time, they may be making their way into the newsfeeds of you and your friends. This follows a similar path of Twitter’s promoted tweets appearing in a user’s timeline.

New Tools and Controls to Manage Your Google+ Pages

Google+ business pages launch without a whole lot of fanfare back in early November, in fact a lot of the features that we wanted to see weren’t there. The engineers on the Google+ Pages team have answered some of the most popular requests including: multiple admin access, engagement notifications and unified +1 and circle counts. 2012 is an important year for Google+ where it will either prove itself as a useful counterpart to Facebook or go the way of Google Buzz.

The Most Popular SEO Posts Of 2011

As if reading This Week In Internet Marketing wasn’t enough to fill your brain with SEO knowledge, the whip-smart team at Search Engine Land has compiled some the year’s most popular SEO-related posts. Some highlights include: The Clickthrough Rate Equation In Organic Search and How To Take Your Keyword Research To A Higher Level. Good summary, you could definitely spend a few days sinking your teeth into this one.

Yahoo! Search Trends: Holidays 2011

Although Yahoo may only be the second most popular search engine (by a mile). They still have a mountain of search behaviour data to draw from and with that, comes their top holiday search trends for 2011. Apparently searches for artificial Christmas trees are way up (622%), and so are searches for “Christmas Cactus.” Is it just me, or am I the only one who feels left out of the latter trend? Happy holidays!

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