This Week in Internet Marketing 2011 12 19

This Week in Internet Marketing 2011 12 19

The week didn’t pass without its fair share of internet marketing news which included: Pay Per Click driving brick and mortar sales; Facebook Timeline for people and maybe brands; 10 useful illustrations on how Google’s Freshness update impacts rankings; and the 2011 Google Zeitgeist!

This Week in Internet Marketing 2011 12 19

Pay Per Click Drives Local Sales Too

Pay Per Click Drives Local Sales TooRetail marketing firm RevTrax conducted a really interesting study whereby they tracked pay per click ads that lead to a printable barcode which could then be redeemed as an in-store coupon. The coupon code contained a unique ID that even identified the keyword the person searched for. The concluded that average click on a paid ad generated $15 in store.

Facebook Timeline is Here: Your Life is now an Open Book

Facebook Timeline is Here: Your Life is now an Open BookLast week Facebook announced the biggest change to the profile in its history. The new Facebook Timeline is just that: a giant timeline that retrieves and displays every wall post, every photo, every page like, in chronological order; everything back to when you first joined Facebook. You can even add a baby photo to kick off the beginning of your timeline!

Are Facebook Timelines Coming for Brands

The Facebook Timeline is BIG NEWS, so it definitely warrants two spots on This Week in Internet Marketing. This time we’re speculating on the rumours that the Timeline will soon make its way to brands. This is exciting news because it will give brands who have been active on Facebook more credit for their dedication, in turn giving users more of the brand to munch on.

10 Illustrations On How Fresh Content Can Impact Your Rankings

10 Illustrations On How Fresh Content Can Impact Your RankingsThere has been a lot said and a lot written about the Google Freshness algorithm update. For those you who haven’t had the time to read and understand what this shift means for your business, we have a great summary for you! The geniuses at SEOmoz have created 10 to-the-point illustrations how fresh content can influence rankings, have a look, you’ll learn a lot!

How the World Searched in 2011: Google Zeitgeist

It’s that time of year again… time for the Google Zeitgeist! The Zeitgeist is the year in search wrapped into one site. I’ve also included a link to a Google blog post that contains a really well-made video of the Google Zeitgeist, all without any mention of Facebook of course!

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