This Week In Internet Marketing 2011 12 05

This Week In Internet Marketing 2011 12 05

The Christmas vibe has definitely hit Toronto, but it hasn’t reflected any slowdown in internet marketing news. This week we saw: an amazingly useful site from Google that provides free online marketing ideas; the Google Freshness update and its positive impact on users; a record breaking month for online videos; how tough it is to get a job at Google; and priming yourself for social media success.

This Week In Internet Marketing 2011 12 05

“Think” from Google Serves Up Tasty Holiday Insights

This Week In Internet Marketing 2011 12 05Be Inspired by the brilliant minds at Google this holiday season. The internet behemoth has put together a new Google+ page that’s all about sharing last minute marketing initiatives and ideas. You don’t have to be a Google+ member to view the page, but you will to ask a questions or post a comment. So head over and get some last minute marketing ideas!

How the Freshness Affects Search Engines and Makes for Happy Users

How the Freshness Affects Search Engines and Makes for Happy UsersOne of the newest concepts to make its way into Google’s search algorithm is QDF or “Query Deserves Freshness.” These are web searches like recent events, hot topics and release dates (like for the new iPhone). Google has gone on the record, stating: “users want to see updated content, more often and this is the content which we want to show first in our search engine because it is more relevant to your users.” It’s time to get fresh, and get blogging everyone!

US Online Video Viewing Soars to Record Highs

US Online Video Viewing Soars to Record HighsVideo continues to explode! In October 2011 42 billion video were viewed with an average of 21 hours per viewer. Stats released from ComScore revealed that YouTube is still king with over 161 million unique visitors per month. This not only provides huge opportunities for content creators, but also for advertisers looking to deliver video-based and static ads to this rapidly expanding audience.

Getting a Job at Google: It’s Awfully Tough!

Getting a Job at Google: It’s Awfully Tough!Google receives over 1 million resumes a year of that between .01% – .04% are hired. It’s definitely one of the, it not the most competitive places on Earth to get a job. Jobvine has put together an interesting infographic that documents the trials and tribulations of Google employees before they’re hired. Reports suggest that in the past candidates had to endure up to 29 interviews!

How to Set Up Social Media For Success

How to Set Up Social Media For SuccessThe experts at SEOmoz know a thing or two about social as well. This article describes 5 ways to “prime the social pump” and set your campaign up for success. Some of the pillars include being genuine, participating, pre-announcing and teasing your audience prior to launch. Social media success doesn’t come over night; it helps when you have a connected core-group of people to build out from, this article will help you understand how to create that core.

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