This Week in Internet Marketing 2011 11 21

This Week in Internet Marketing 2011 11 21

Fall is in full-swing and so too is the internet marketing world. We saw: 5 ways to improve B2B conversion; a great infographic about how Google AdWords works; new ways to advertise on YouTube; brand adoption of Google+; and how Facebook tracks users.

This Week in Internet Marketing 2011 11 21

5 Tips To Improve Conversions for B2B Sites

This article from Search Engine Land addresses the different approach B2B marketers must take online (vs. B2C). Elements like a clear and simple landing page, focusing on visitor benefits and offering choice are just a few of the tips outlined in this article.

How AdWords Auctions Work

This infographic from PPC software maker WordStream explains the details of how an AdWords auction works. This graphic completely demystifies the Google AdWords bidding process, from how Google determines which ads are shown, to how quality score is measured.

New Ways to Reach Your Audience With YouTube Mobile Ads

Mobile views on YouTube now account for more than 13% of views. It’s clear that more and more people each year are watching videos on their mobile phones. YouTube mobile ad platform works on an auction and cost per view basis much like AdWords. In-stream ads are another option for shorter videos that lead in to popular videos.

61% of Top Brands Have Already Adopted Google+

Since the launched of Google+ Pages on November 7th, 61% of the world’s top brands have created a Google+ page. Curiously, only 13% of those brands actually posted a link to Google+ on their homepage, suggesting that brands aren’t ready to actively promote themselves on the their homepages.

How Facebook Tracks Its Users

Through a series of interviews Facebook  has revealed information on how it tracks users. The company keeps records of all your activity on the site for 90 days; that includes browsing history, conversations, time and date of the site being visited. Privacy advocates have voiced concerns over Facebook selling data to third parties while others feel that tracking is an inevitable part of engaging social networks.

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