This Week in Internet Marketing 2011 10 31

This Week in Internet Marketing 2011 10 31

The week that passed brought us new predictions for mobile PPC traffic this holiday season; how Google rates your site; the absence of search traffic data; the introduction of Google+ ripples; and some practical tips for online reputation management.

This Week in Internet Marketing 2011 10 31

Mobile Will Account For Nearly 20% of PPC Traffic This December

It’s estimated that mobile accounts for “14.2% of all search clicks and that traffic from paid clicks is predicted to grow to 17.3% this coming December.” The study by Peforrmics also stated that tablets will account for a larger percentage of search share. This all drives home the point that mobile websites are an ever growing necessity and that mobile PPC is a vital component of a multi-tier online marketing strategy.

How Google Rates Your Site – 16 Key Insights

It’s a mystery we try to crack everyday at TechWyse: what does Google look for in a site in order to determine ranking order? The experts at SEOmoz have summarized a leaked Google document titled “Google Quality Raters’ Handbook.” The document offers a window into how Google ranks sites. Read the article to uncover some of Google’s most closely guarded secrets!

Google No Longer Shows Referral Data

It’s something we wrote about in our own blog last week. Google has removed the ability of online marketers and webmasters to see which terms people used to find their site. Curiously Google still allows PPC customers to see referral data. This only applies to logged-in users and is done to protect their privacy. We will be able to view an aggregated list of the top 1000 search queries from the past 30 days.

Google+ Introduces “Ripples” and “What’s Hot”

If you’re a Google+ user you may have noticed the words “what’s hot” in the left side navigation. Here you’ll find a feed of the most shared stories on Google+. Most interestingly in the top right hand corner of each post you’ll be able to “view ripples.” Ripples allow you to see all the people who have interacted with the post and read what they’ve commented. The layout is absolutely stunning and it really demonstrates the ripple effect social media can have.

Reputation Management For Small Businesses

This article from Mashable covers four strategies for maintaining, protecting, and strengthening your small business’s online reputation. The four key areas covered are: research and planning, monitoring and engagement, joining the conversation and how to deal with negative conversation about your business. A must read for any web savvy business owner.

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