This Week in Internet Marketing 2011 10 24

This Week in Internet Marketing 2011 10 24

This week it’s all about mobile! Top Headlines in mobile this week are: location based ad relevancy for Google Ads; Google’s high hopes for mobile ad revenue; Apple circumvents Google sites on the iPhone with SIRI and BlackBerry’s response to their recent service outage.

This Week in Internet Marketing 2011 10 24

Location Proximity Is Now a Factor for Google Mobile Ad Display

Google mobile ad rankings are now officially influenced by the location of the searcher. Google stated: “we’re announcing that the distance between a user and an advertiser’s business location is now a factor in mobile search ads ranking.” Users must op-in for Google to use their location. Proximity ad targeting is great news for local businesses and just another reason to start mobile advertising!

Google’s Mobile Ad Revenue Projected to See $6.25B next year

Another indication that mobile advertising continues its meteoric rise. Google is projecting that total mobile advertising revenue will hit a record high in the coming year. Leading the way is paid mobile search at $1.75B. What does this mean for you? Get a mobile optimized site and get started with mobile advertising!

Apple Takes a Bite Out of Google’s Search Market Share with SIRI

There been a lot of talk about SIRI, Apple’s new artificial intelligence software that allows people to use everyday language to ask questions and perform tasks. What hasn’t been talked about as much is how Apple has gone around Google to retrieve answers. This article from Marketaire talks about just how SIRI is purposely using competing Google services like Yelp in an attempt to play hardball with the Google and Android.

A Customer Service Lesson From BlackBerry (RIM)

The well publicized BlackBerry service outage made waves around the net and definitely damaged the BlackBerry brand; the timing couldn’t have been worse with the release of the iPhone 4S. In response the company has offered their customers approximately $100 in free apps and one month free of customer support. Whether or not the gesture will be enough to keep blackberry users happy remains to be seen.

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