This Week in Internet Marketing 2011 10 11

This Week in Internet Marketing 2011 10 11

Another week of internet marketing news has come and gone, bringing a slew of interesting headlines with it. This week we learned about how our eyes scan search results; the world’s reaction to the death of Steve Jobs; driving conversion over the holiday season; good grammar’s correlation to search results; and Facebook’s new “people talking about this” metric.

Internet Marketing News 2011 10 11

How We Actually See Search Results

Internet Marketing News 2011 10 11The experts at SEOmoz have done it again; this time with an article that inadvertently makes a tremendous case for Google Places listings. Their experiment involved a sophisticated eye tracking device. Subjects between the ages of 18-30 were given a search engine ranking page to browse freely for 30 seconds. The results are really quite interesting and make a great case for getting your business on Google Places.

100 Quotes About Steve Jobs’ Passing

100 Quotes About Steve Jobs’ PassingWe couldn’t let a This Week in Internet Marketing go by without acknowledging a man who helped shape our world, and at TechWyse, our industry. He made one of the most monumental comebacks in business history with the iPod, after practically inventing desktop publishing in the 1980s. We leave you with 100 reactions to the death of Steve Jobs.

Driving traffic and Conversion Over the Holiday Season

Driving traffic and Conversion Over the Holiday SeasonThis article from Search Engine Land discusses how brick and mortar stores can increase their conversion rate when business peaks this holiday season. The answer? Mobile websites! The article sites figures that include mobile websites can increase engagement by 85% and 51% of consumers are more likely to shop from retailers with mobile specific sites. It seems like people are increasingly using their smartphones to make purchasing decisions.

Good Spelling and High Rankings Go Hand in Hand

Good Spelling and High Ranking Go Hand in HandThis post contains a video by Google’s Matt Cutts. Although spelling is not a direct signal used by Google when it ranks your page, it has been shown that good spelling and proper grammar do correlate with page rankings across the scale. It makes sense from a sharing perspective, in that a poorly worded site is less likely to be linked to and referenced.

Facebook Launches “People Talking About This” Metric

Facebook Launches "people Talking About This "MetricIf you’ve visited a Facebook fanpage recently you may have noticed the stat “People Talking About This.” This metric is reset weekly and is not cumulative, so it’s designed to give people a snapshot of who’s “talking about your brand right now. So what does “talking” mean? Anything from mentioning a brand, posting to a wall, liking, answering a question, RSVP-ing to an event and more. Read the article to get the full scoop.

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