This Week in Internet Marketing 2011 10 03

This Week in Internet Marketing 2011 10 03

Even though the week flew by, it didn’t pass without it’s share of internet marketing headlines. This week included Groupon’s adverse affect on online business ratings; Business Wire patents SEO tool; Google accused of gaming AdWords positions to their own benefit; and tips for driving traffic to your blog.

Internet Marketing News 2011 10 03

Groupon Deals Can Have a Negative Affect on Your Reviews

Groupon deals are a great way to offer discounts to large groups of people in the hope that it will generate repeat customers. Groupon typically takes about half the revenue generated from each deal; but there may be negative consequences to offering these daily deals. A study by researchers at Boston and Harvard University found that reviews that mentioned “Groupon” or “coupon” were on average 10% lower than reviews done over the same period.

SEO Strategy Patented by Business Wire

Leading press release distribution company Business Wire has patented its SEO service that “provides complimentary enhancements to Business Wire’s already powerful press release distribution and measurement services.” Business Wire allows its customers to “effectively analyze and optimize their press release content for search.” Could this lead to other SEO technologies being patented? It’s certainly an interesting idea.

Google Facing Fire Over AdWords Ad Positions

Google is facing allegations of “cooking” search results for its own benefit. The claim is that Google is placing ads for their products in the number 3 ad position. The third ad position sits just above the first organic result and is anecdotally said to have similar if not higher CTR (click through rates) than the number 1 and 2 ad positions.

How to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

This article outlines (in thorough detail) how bloggers can grow their following, establish loyal readership and increase visibility of their content. From engaging online communities, social networking, to using Google analytics, this post offers an A to Z approach for blog promotion -- a great resource the both novice and experienced bloggers.

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