This Week In Internet Marketing 2011 09 26

This Week In Internet Marketing 2011 09 26

Last week was packed with a number of significant internet marketing headlines, we saw:  the +1’s affect on Google Display Network ads; how mobile-optimized websites can improve your AdWords ROI; monumental announcements at the Facebook F8 conference; Google+ opens to everyone and beginner friendly ways to SEO your Facebook fanpage.

Internet Marketing News 2011 09 26

+1 Data to Influence Google Display Network Auction

In the coming weeks Google will begin rolling out +1 social integration on Google Display Network Ads. These are picture based ads that will now be more prominently displayed on the networks of your social sphere. When the corresponding landing page is +1’d it stands a better chance of being displayed to users within their social sphere!

A Mobile-Optimized Site Can Lower Your Google Ad Spend

Google now gives preferential treatment to mobile optimized in that they will have higher quality scored, better ad placement at a lower cost. So if your site isn’t optimized, get it done, or at least get the landing page your advertising for optimized, your budget will thank you. 

Facebook F8 Conference Brings Big Changes For Marketers

Where Facebook originally aimed to be a digital ID for everyone, it’s moving towards becoming a “’digital autobiography’ in which brands will have to integrate themselves.” It’s the challenge for brands to move into creating content that people will want to include on their new digital autobiography, see our latest blog for more about Facebook’s new Timeline.

Google+ Opens Up Invites to Everyone

Three months after its trial release Google+ Beta is now open to anyone. It seems that the Google+ team has been hard at work, incorporating 100 new feature enhancement to date. It remains to be seen if Google+ can take any significant portion of Facebook’s market share; it seems more likely that it will find its own niche much like Twitter.

How to SEO Your Facebook Fanpage

This article outlines practical ways to SEO your fanpage and also debunks some popular techniques that were said to boost SEO on your fanpage. Everything from status updates to Facebook Notes are covered in this comprehensive article by Search Engine Watch.

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