This Week in Internet Marketing 2011 08 29

This Week in Internet Marketing 2011 08 29

Summer is winding down and internet marketing is heating up. This past week saw the mass introduction of Google+ integrated social search; tips for competitive PPC intelligence; the legacy of Steve Jobs; online marketing 101 with Google; and an inside look at how Google improves its search algorithm.

Internet Marketing News 2011 08 29

Google Social Search is Here

Google Social Search is HereGoogle has officially announced that it will begin integrating Google+ results in its SERPs (search engine page rankings). Up until now we’ve seen this done on a limited basis, but if you’re logged in to a Google account you may start to see socially influenced results appear on the first page (usually in slots 9 and 10). Further adding to the fact that everyone needs a +1 button on their site.

Tips for Spying on Your Competition’s PPC Campaigns

Tips for Spying on Your Competition’s PPC CampaignsThis article from Search Engine Land outlines the different types and methods for gathering competitive intelligence on your competition’s PPC campaign. It highlights the value of knowing your competition’s keywords, bid prices and promotional cycle among other things. It also addresses grey areas of what is legal and ethical in the wild west of competitive intelligence gathering. An interesting read for anyone who does PPC.

313 Patents Filed by Steve Jobs

313 Patents Filed by Steve JobsWe couldn’t let this week go by without mentioning Steve Jobs’s resignation as Apple CEO, but instead of just another retrospective article, we chose to feature this interactive site put together by the New York Times. From the first iPod to the beginnings Apple’s first GUI (graphical user interface), it’s all there, laid out in a engaging interactive environment.

Google Helps You Market Your Business Online

Google Helps You Market Your Business OnlineGoogle announced a new website that’s dedicated to helping businesses learn about how Google products can help them market online. It’s a one stop shop for lessons ranging from “Online Marketing Vocabulary” to “Does Your (PPC) Landing Page Seal the Deal?” It’s a comprehensive resource with a combination of worksheet downloads and video tutorials, be sure to check it out.

An Inside Look on How Google Enhances Its Algorithm (Video)

An Inside Look on How Google Enhances Its Algorithm (Video)It’s estimated that Google changes its algorithm over 500 times a year.This video is a rare and inspiring look at how Google Software Engineers and Search Scientists test and improve the Google search algorithm. Using underperforming searches as motivation they hypothesize and test search signals that may yield better results; there’s also an interesting case study that you’ll have to watch the video to learn more about!

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