This Week in Internet Marketing 2011 08 22

This Week in Internet Marketing 2011 08 22

There’s not a week that goes by without internet marketing news. Last week we saw some significant changes to the look of Google sitelinks; 5 musts for creating content post-Panda; Google’s leap into hardware; creative uses for iPads in small retail settings; and the possible end of the “first page” on Google?

Internet Marketing News 2011 08 22

Big Changes to Google Sitelinks

Internet Marketing News 2011 08 22Sitelinks are the links that appear below the first result for a branded term. When a site has been #1 for a long time, Google will show site links. Last week Google introduced improved sitelinks that will give your company even more real estate on the first page. This will give searchers even more options to learn about you.

Top Five Content Sins in the Panda Era

Top Five Content Sins in the Panda EraGoogle’s Panda update shook things up in the SEO world. The experts at SEOmoz have put together a great resource on how to avoid mistakes in your content that Google may penalize you for. These are must-know tips if you’re a blogger, or anyone who’s concerned about SEO. 

Google Buys Motorola Mobile

Google Buys Motorola MobileLast week Google surprised everybody with their announcement of acquiring Motorola’s entire mobile division. This is a monumental move for Google, as we’ve seen this sort of strategy have limited success for another software giant MicroSoft. Will Google rebrand the phone entirely? What will this mean for the Android OS?

How Small Retailers are Using iPads to Enhance the Customer Experience

How Small Retailers are Using iPads to Enhance the Customer ExperienceMashable has put together a nice compilation of 6 creative ways small retailers are using iPads. From entertainment stations, to driving Facebook likes many small business have harnessed the tactility of the touchscreen to their advantage. Read the article to see the full list and be inspired.

No More “First Page” for Google Search Results?

No More “First Page” for Google Search Results?Google has been experimenting with “infinite scrolling” on its SERPS (search engine ranking pages). This could have an impact on creating traffic for pages that aren’t in the top ten. Watch the video to see how it works.

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