This Week in Internet Marketing 2011 07 25

This Week in Internet Marketing 2011 07 25

Is there ever a slow news week in internet marketing? We don’t think so. This week brought us a great resource for bidding on keywords you rank for organically; how to create video content without a camera; why contest are a powerful marketing tool; the new Google credit card for AdWords advertisers; and some expert strategies for determining keyword difficulty.

Internet Marketing News 2011 07 25

Why Bid on Keywords You Rank For Organically?

Search Engine Land has created yet another great resource, this time asking the question: What is the difference between the conversion rate of my paid keywords vs. my organic keywords? Bidding on words you rank for organically has been argued in many different ways; leave it to Search Engine Land to provide the hard data and try the experiment they’ve outlined for yourself.

Who Needs a Video Camera to Create Video Content?

Having a diverse range of media streaming through your social networks is a great strategy for keeping your community engaged. Unfortunately one of the most powerful mediums is also the most expensive. YouTube has provided a round-up of sites that allow you to create video content simply using your computer. 

The Marketing Benefits of Running Contests

Mashable has put together a useful article that espouses the benefits of running contests as part of your marketing strategy. The executive summary is as follows: they help you build and engage your fanbase, they help you collect valuable data and let your fans do your marketing for you.

Google Now Offers AdWords Users a Google Credit Card

Reuters has reported that Google will be offering some AdWords customers a low interest, Google branded credit card. The card will begin with a trial run of select U.S. clients. From Google: the “card was designed to help small and medium-sized businesses that advertise on Google but who often don't have the funds to support a heavy ad campaign ahead of a big sales season, such as Valentine's day or Halloween.”

Top Strategies for Determining Keyword Difficulty

Many business owners look for help trying to optimize their site for highly competitive keywords. It’s usually wiser to focus on narrower, local and longtail keywords. Optimizing for highly competitive keywords is a long term effort, although not impossible, it’s not always the best business decision. Search Engine Land has put together a how-to guide for determining the difficulty of a keyword. Good read.

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    Hi Steve, great selection of topics you brought together here. I especially like the one about the video creation without camera. This is often not understood by newbies who think that they can't do it because they are not camera fit. Thx again for providing Internet Marketing information in such a great style! Thx, Alex

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