This Week in Internet Marketing 2011 07 18

This Week in Internet Marketing 2011 07 18

There’s never a shortage of news in the internet marketing world. Last week brought us some very useful  SEO keyword tips for small businesses, new features for AdWord reporting, upgrades to Google Docs, and record profits for Google last quarter.

Internet Marketing News 2011 07 18

Keyword and SEO Tips for Small Business

This article written by the experts at SEOmoz outlines vital concepts for small business owners to understand when selecting the right keywords for their business. Many businesses tend to go for broader keywords with a lot of competition that are difficult to rank for. The article illustrates how narrowing down your keywords and targeting geographic names can result in more traffic.

AdWords Reporting Now Shows ‘Top vs. Side’ Ad Performance

Some months ago Google’s Chief Economist Hal Varian noted that there is a marked different in the performance of ads that appear on the top paid search results vs. those that appeared in the side bar. Google has responded by segmenting the ad positions in AdWords reporting. Check out the Inside AdWords Blog for the details.

Google Docs is Set for an Upgrade

At TechWyse we use Google docs for a lot of things and for many reasons: they’re secure, they can be shared easily and they’re just about as powerful as the MicroSoft Office Suite. It seems that Google has some improvements up their sleeves including a more functional header and footer and also the ability to take your documents offline. If you haven’t used Google docs, try them! The spreadsheets are particularly useful.

Google’s Last Quarter Sees $9 Billion in Total Revenue

Everyone’s favourite internet behemoth reported $2.5 Billion in net earnings last quarter, that’s up from $1.84 Billion over the same period last year. The article breaks down Google’s different revenue streams and paints a great picture of how the company has succeeded and how it plans to grow in the future.

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