This Week in Internet Marketing 2011 06 20

This Week in Internet Marketing 2011 06 20

It’s been yet another busy week packed with lots of internet marketing news. This week saw major changes to Google search that make it even faster and more intuitive; a unique take on how to manage your reputation online; a survey that shows how older Facebook users are increasingly connected with brands; and the launch of Google City Pages.

Internet Marketing News 2011 06 20

Google’s Inside Search Event Knocks Down Barriers to Knowledge

Google held their ground-breaking “Inside Search” event last week where they unveiled some truly remarkable technologies. Most notably was Google Instant Pages, whereby the first search engine result is automatically loaded in the background so that when you click on it, the page loads instantly. Right now it’s only available in the developer beta of Chrome, but will be rolling out to the regular version of Chrome in the coming weeks.

Google Releases Online Reputation Management Tool

Managing your online reputation is essential, having a poor reputation online can affect your job, your family, your business and your prospects, and sometimes what others have written about you may not even be true. Last week Google announced an online reputation management tool called “Me On the Web.” The tool allows you to be proactive and tackle reputation issues before the become a major problem.

New Survey Shows that Older Facebook Users are Liking Brands

At last week’s SES conference I attended it was noted that 88% of people on Facebook have liked a brand. Well new evidence suggests that people over 55 are increasingly engaged with brands on Facebook. It’s still important to recognise that people over 55 are still the minority, but this is no doubt encouraging for brands considering that older users may have more disposable income.

The Launch of Google City Pages

Google Places has been a revolution in terms of providing a free, highly visible marketing tool for business owners. Google announced a move to aggregate Google Places listings into a central website based around their respective city. So far Google City Pages are only available in select cities, but in the meantime take a look at Portland’s City Page to get an idea of what to expect.

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