This Week In Internet Marketing 2011 06 06

This Week In Internet Marketing 2011 06 06

Another exciting week in internet marketing has passed and there was no shortage of interesting stories. This week Google launched the +1 button for websites, Groupon went public with a $750M IPO, Amazon entered the group buying market, we look at how Twitter affects search rankings, and some interesting stats on social media related searches.

Internet Marketing News 2011 06 06

Google Enables +1 Buttons for Websites

We first reported on the Google +1 back in April, at the time you could only find the +1 button within search results, but now Google has made it possible for site’s to install a +1 button of their own. It looks like the ubiquitous Facebook Like button will have a new friend. Before you know it we’ll be seeing these all over the web.

Groupon’s $750M IPO

Last week Groupon filed a $750M IPO with the Securities and Exchange Commission. In 2010 the company posted $713M in revenue and has already posted $644M in first quarter revenues of this year. With an exponentially increasing subscriber rate and lots of optimism on Wall Street Groupon doesn’t seem to regret rejecting Google’s $6B offer to buy Groupon back in December 2010.

Amazon Jumps on the Group Buying Bandwagon

In other group buying news, Ecommerce giant Amazon has stepped into the game. After buying Living Social for $175M in December 2010 Amazon will be offering Living Social deals through its own service dubbed AmazonLocal, Future plans will offer deals directly sourced from Amazon.

How Twitter Can Affect Search Engine Page Rankings

Another great article comes to us from the geniuses at SEOMoz. This time they illustrate how Twitter impacts search engine rankings. The author concludes that “tweets, and possibly other social media signals, are becoming increasingly important for the search engines when trying to discover new material on websites.” Read about his real life examples and how they illustrate his findings.

Social Media Still Mystifies Many Business Owners

Some really interesting stats were compiled from our friends at Search Engine Land whereby they analyzed AdWords data for terms related to social media. It seems like there are a lot of people (96K monthly) performing “how to” related social media searches, it was also shown that 42K people each month searched for “definition” related queries and the list goes on, interesting stuff.

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