This Week In Internet Marketing 2011 05 30

This Week In Internet Marketing 2011 05 30

It was another busy week for internet marketing that included some record numbers for online advertising spending, Google’s push to replace your credit card, some remarkable YouTube stats and a great success story for generating product reviews.

Internet Marketing News 2011 05 30

Internet Advertising Breaks Record in First Quarter of 2011

Revenue from online advertising grew by 23% year over year to 7.3 billion in the first quarter of 2011. It’s surely a sign of how companies are beginning to feel confident with the measurable results that online marketing provides. The study was performed by the Interactive Advertising Bureau.

Google Wants To Make Your Phone Your Wallet

Google is making strides to change the way we pay for items at the checkout. Beginning soon in the U.S. Nexus S 4G phones running Android will be able to make payments by tapping their phones on MasterCard PayPass outlets, commonly found at gas stations and supermarkets. Using Google wallet will also provide easier access to coupons and loyalty rewards programs.

YouTube Uploads Increase 100% in the Past Year

Some staggering numbers come to us from YouTube this week. 100% year over year growth, and a recent milestone of 3 billion views in one day; it seems that Google’s acquisition of YouTube has paid off in spades. Want to put it all into perspective? For every minute in a day, 48 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube. Does this make your clips harder to find? Might be time for some YouTube optimization.

How to Generate Genuine Product Reviews for Your Business

A great article comes to us from Search Engine Land about the tremendous SEO benefits of product reviews and strategies for generating them. The article provides a real world example about how an electric dog collar company generated 250 product reviews in 12 hours. The benefits go far beyond SEO; much of the feedback was market research gold. Have a read and follow the steps, and when your ready to send out your emails, talk to us.

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