This Week In Internet Marketing 2011 05 23

This Week In Internet Marketing 2011 05 23

There’s never a dull week in the world of internet marketing, this past week proved no different. Last week we saw Microsoft’s Bing incorporate Facebook social cues into search results; ebooks outsell real books on Amazon; a Twitter-based hedge fund; and a new tweak to how select Google Adwords are displayed. We’re also pleased to announce that we’ll be exhibiting at this year’s SES (search engine strategies) expo in Toronto.

Internet Marketing News 2011 05 23

Bing Increasingly Uses Facebook Likes to Influence Search Results

In an attempt to compete with Google +1, Bing has partnered with Facebook to use Facebook social cues to harness the “’collective IQ’ of the web” in delivering better quality content through search results. It’s an interesting move that will definitely have an impact on SEO in the years to come.

Ebooks Outsell Real Books on Amazon

Since April first of this year for every 100 physical books sold on Amazon, 105 Kindle ebooks have been sold. All of this has happened less than four years after the Kindle’s Debut. It’s astonishing to think about how publishers can now sell in huge quantities without all the overhead and distribution challenges of traditional publishing.

Debut of the World’s First Twitter-Based Hedge Fund

London England-based Derwent Capital Markets has an innovative way of hedging its bets on what’s new and upcoming in the world of investing. The $40.5 million hedge fund bases its “investments on an analysis of 10% of the 10 million tweets sent daily.” By applying trading algorithms and sentiment analysis the firm hopes to fatten the pockets of its investors through its novel approach.

Google Now Shows Your Domain in Select Ad Headlines

It may not seem all that significant, but your URL can often be a major influencing factor people use when deciding on which pay per click ad to visit. See the before and after within the link, you’ll notice that the domain now appears to the right of the headline separated by a vertical bar.

TechWyse at This Year’s Search Engine Strategies Expo

SES comes again to Toronto this year and TechWyse will be exhibiting once again. Held from June 13-15, the Search Engine Strategies Expo brings together the brightest minds in the internet marketing industry. The keynote speakers will be consultant, TV host, author and journalist  Amber Mac and Tracy Smith VP, performance marketing and go-to-market for Yellow Pages Group.

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