This Week In Internet Marketing 2011 04 18

This Week In Internet Marketing 2011 04 18

This week’s round up of what’s new in the world of internet marketing examines why White Hat SEO is the best solution for businesses, how Google Autocomplete works, and why Facebook feels it can charge more for ads. We also take a look at an innovative way to get people to like you on Facebook, and lastly a useful tool that allows you to upload your videos to over 20 sites with one click.

Internet Marketing News 2011 04 18

Why White Hat SEO is the Only Way To Go

Search Engine Optimization can generally be classified as White Hat and Black Hat. If you practice the latter, you’re likely to get blacklisted from Google. We employ White Hat SEO, which works within parameters that Google deems fair. This article from SEOMoz covers why White Hat, even though more costly, is actually a much smarter decision for your website long term. Read why White Hat SEO actually works.

How Google Autocomplete works

An interesting article comes to us this week from Search Engine Land about how Google Autocomplete works. It’s only been around since 2008, but it’s hard to remember search without it. Like many people, I find Autocomplete an extremely useful tool for finding the best search results. This article delves into the logic of Autocomplete and how it makes search a more personalized experience.

Facebook Raises the Price of Ads

Facebook recently made a move to bolster its bottom line by raising the rates businesses pay to advertise. Facebook ads are considered a bargain compared to Google Adwords. The consensus is that since Google Adwords are prompted by user intent, it makes them more valuable; whereby Facebook ads are based on relevance and don’t necessarily catch users when they’re primed to purchase. Read up on why Facebook feels its ads are worth more.

Getting Facebook Likes Without a Computer or Cell Phone

At the Amsterdam Motorshow, French carmaker Renault recently showcased an innovative way for people to like them on Facebook. Users simply swiped RFID cards (radio frequency identification cards) created by Renault at kiosks. The cards instantly connected users to their Facebook profile where they were able to share their experience with friends. It seems like the days of your Facebook profile being connected to your credit card aren’t far off. Watch the video to see how they did it.

Upload Your Videos to Multiple Sites at Once

After you’ve gone through all the work of creating a video, you upload it to YouTube, optimize it, and then what do you do? Tweet it? Write a status update? Sure, but with TubeMogul there’s a lot more you can do with the same amount of effort. With one click you’ll be able to upload your video to over 20 different sites, maximizing potential views and driving traffic to your site. Learn how TubeMogul can help you spread the word.

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