This Week In Internet Marketing 2011 03 28

This Week In Internet Marketing 2011 03 28

This week we celebrate Twitter’s 5th birthday by highlighting how it has changed digital communication.  We also look at newly launched functionality for the Facebook Questions tool which extends the scope of what users can ask their friends beyond simple polls.

We also feature some insightful slideshows on the evolution of how Google ranks websites, ways to use social media to drive website traffic and 10 essential SEO tips.

To round-out this week’s collection of featured content, we offer an amusing yet entirely rational approach to building an effective social media “empire” as though you are establishing your presence on each network as an “embassy”.

Let’s get started!

Internet Marketing News 2011 03 28

5 Ways Twitter Changed How We Communicate

twitterTwitter turned 5 years old on March 21st.  As a slightly belated Happy Birthday to the groundbreaking microblogging site, this article highlights some of the ways that Twitter has forever changed digital communication, for better or worse.

Facebook Unveils New Version of Questions Tool

facebook-question-toolLaunched on March 24th after a year of beta-testing, the latest iteration of the Questions tool still lets users ask their network of friends for their opinions on everything from local restaurants to the latest gadgets, but now also allows them to seek their thoughts and invite discussion on broader topics as well.

SEO Presentations With Tips, Graphics & Data You Can Use

seo-grapA fascinating collection of slideshows covering the history and evolution of how Google ranks websites, leveraging social media for increasing website traffic and 10 essential steps for effective SEO and boosting search engine rankings.

Build Your Social Media Embassies

social-mediaThis interesting and amusing article compares effective social media strategy to responsible diplomacy and establishing your social media empire with well-placed and well-presented “embassies”.

Spammers Sought After Botnet Takedown

spamIf you’re attempting to do business on the internet, you know that spam and junk email is a nuisance that makes life tougher for legitimate internet marketing campaigns.  This article proves that, sometimes, the spammers do pay the price for their abuse of the internet.

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