This Week In Internet Marketing 2011 02 22

This Week In Internet Marketing 2011 02 22

Valentine’s Day is now behind us but the love was certainly apparent in the online world last week.  We have noticed a significant rise in lead volumes across most of our clients results when compared to last year.  This likely shows the continued improvement of both the economy and the increase of online activity today.

Today I focus much on the recent improvements that have been made by all of the players in search.  It is important to stay relevant and it is also important that you understand many of the changes that continue in this industry.

Internet Marketing News 2011 02 22

Some Great Insight Into Potential New Ranking Signals

This article provides a wonderful account of both how search has gotten to where it is and some very real possibilities in terms of where search may be going in the very near future.  A very interesting read indeed!

Online Spend For 2011 – The Increase Continues

We talk about this all the time.  The trend towards digital and the continued decline of advertising dollars being spent on print. If you like statistics, a survey of technical / media companies shows us that 52% of those that participated will increase spend in 2011 while as the share of overall dollars spent on print continues to decline.  Like I said, if you like statistics check this one out!

Google Helps Explain The Difference Between Standard Versus Mobile Development

I have been talking quite a bit about the growth of mobile websites lately.  Why?  As stated earlier mobile and Smart Phone use is mushrooming!  Here is a nice article written by Google explaining some important techniques and rules to follow when developing your mobile website.  Some items Google touches on are things like URL structure, how the Googlebot reads mobile content and many other items.

Facebook Making Search Even More Relevant

We have been talking about the potential rise in search queries within Facebook for some time.  In fact we fully expect Facebook to begin taking some market share away from the big 3 in the coming years.  This is a nice article which explains many of the recent Facebook search changes.  The time might be coming faster than we may have thought.

Google Begins Putting More Emphasis on Social In Their Own Search Results

Do you see the trend here?  Google seems to be responding quickly (as always) to make their own search results more relevant in large part to ensure they stay ahead of recent changes being done not only by Yahoo! and Bing but also Facebook.  As usual Google seems to be on top of their game.

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