This Week In Internet Marketing 2011 02 14

This Week In Internet Marketing 2011 02 14

Well it's the week of love in many areas across the world.  This has meant a great deal for gift and flower companies.  As usual it also showcases the importance of being found on Google for relevant visitor searches.  This week’s summary of the internet marketing world is a little bit more focused on Organic Optimization techniques and tips.  Enjoy!

Internet Marketing News 2011 02 14

How To Measure The Value Of Your SEO

I really liked the main message in this article. We learn here the importance of having a piece of software to measure your SEO.  What this article doesn’t talk about is a tool that we have built  AdLuge, which not only measures all of your lead data, but also gives you an accurate idea of which websites and campaigns they are coming from along with keywords and cost data.  The overall message is exactly what we speak about with our clients. Measure every campaign that you are spending money on!

Understanding The Importance Of Website Structure

This is one of the things our Project Managers are always preaching to clients that sign up to build websites or even clients that are considering search engine optimization.  Some of the tips to learn about include the importance of using text rich URL’s to describe the page, using hyphens to separate keywords in URL’s and using 301 redirects when launching a new website over an old one.

Comparing Google in 2000 to Google in 2011

We don’t reference Google’s most famous technical writer nearly enough!  Matt Cutt’s raises some very good points showing us how Google has advanced its ‘algo’ in the last decade.  So don’t try to tell us that Google hasn’t improved ok? Smile

The 12 Don’t Do’s In Google Analytics

One of the things that I do for clients on a regular basis is help interpret Analytics data and offer up data driven recommendations for campaign improvements.  This article helps illustrate many of the areas that you need to be aware of in order to keep on top of your Analytics.  The two that I liked the most are the importance of setting your goals ‘immediately’, and then ensuring that you have the ability to take action on the data that you are interpreting. (ahem!)

Looking For A Place To See The Latest Trends?

I am not sure if we remind people about this enough so I’ll take the time to do it now.  If you like many of the articles that we are pointing at here, I invite you to visit our WyseLabs forum where many people within our own company (and many other contributors) like to post useful knowledge that they find.

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