This Week In Internet Marketing 2010 10 18

This Week In Internet Marketing 2010 10 18

Well, we’re half way through October and the world has been busy online this week, especially Google.  Here are my favourite bits of news from the online world.  I particularly like this first one!

Internet Marketing News – 2010 10 18

Google Introduces In-Page Analytics

It can be difficult to translate the various pages full of numbers and graphs in Google Analytics to fully understand how visitors are using your pages.  On Friday, Google introduced a new feature into Beta called In-Page Analytics.  This tools superimposes the GA data over top over your website as you browse through it.  Very cool!

Find Information Faster With Mobile Ad Sitelinks

Google recently launched Mobile Ad Sitelinks, which adds additional links to content buried deeper within your website in the search results.  It currently displays two sitelinks beneath the search result, allowing you to utilize more than one landing page and push 2 additional products or categories in your ads.  I am loving that Google is pushing mobile ads as much as they are.  It widens the audience and the frequency at which we can potentially display our ads online!

3 Reasons Not To Run Conversion Tests

“Wait, did I hear that right?”  You bet.  We love conversion testing here at TechWyse, but sometimes certain factors within a website can render conversion tests a losing battle.  These include things like websites which have a design so far beyond repair that it’s an almost useless initiative.  This is a nice little article that talks about a few of these very important factors to consider before you start testing.

Yahoo! & Bing Feature Comparison #4: Analytics

Yahoo! is making a big push to show off the features of the new Bing / Yahoo! Ad Centre merge.  This post on the Yahoo! blog goes over the Analytics and testing tools.  I'm starting to really like what they have to offer for capabilities, but I am still not seeing the CPC benefit ring through.

More Internet Marketing News

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