This Week In Internet Marketing – 2010 10 04

This Week In Internet Marketing – 2010 10 04

I’ve decided to put a heavier focus into resources rather than just online news this week.  With the summer season ending and the Christmas season coming up fast, I wanted to make sure that we’re all prepared to make a big splash online.  Here then are some of the helpful tips and tricks that have popped up online this week.

Internet Marketing News – 2010 10 04

What Can Search Predict?

Research scientists at Yahoo! Labs published a paper that examines whether or not you can predict customer behavior by examining their web search data.  I’m not certain whether or not you would get enough concrete information to come to conclusions worth spending your hard earned money on, but some information is better than none!

33 New Social Media Resources You May Have Missed

I love when someone puts out one of these big lists of online tools. It means that instead of search myself, I can scan down the page, pick the ones I want and go from there.  I personally like the one about converting attention into action via social media.

Cure Your Ill Funnel With Web Analytics

Bryan Eisenberg and Seth Godiin have both stated loud and clear, “Your website sucks.”  The reason for this statement is because most websites only convert somewhere between 1% and 3% of your visitors.  By using web analytics properly however, you can increase that rate of conversion, so instead of simply tossing more visitors into the top of the funnel you’ll actually be doing a better job of converting those visitors that you are getting.

Google Speeds Things Up By Introducing A New Web Image Format

There are somewhere around 200 factors that Google looks at when ranking websites and speed is a part of that list.  With the beta release of their new image format, WebP, Google is again showing us just how much of an influence speed has.  The format promises to significantly reduce the byte size of photos on the web, allowing website to load faster than before.

More Internet Marketing News

Here are some other useful resources we thought you may enjoy:

Google’s SEO Starter Guide Updated

Social Takes Work, But It’s Worth It!

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    Interesting notes Chris, especially the Web Analytics Funnel syndrome and the stuff that Google is doing – as always. Google has been 1 up on almost any innovative ways to have visitors (loyal and new ones) come back vying for more.

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