This Week In Internet Marketing – 2010 08 30

This Week In Internet Marketing – 2010 08 30

We are now in our last week of August and hope you have all been enjoying the summer! This week we will be sharing with you Yahoo’s major announcement about their search engine, a new business resource offered by Skype, a new time saving way to sort your Google Analytics, and more control in the hands of Youtube Advertisers. Hope you all enjoy the final weeks of Summer and we will see you next week in September!

Internet Marketing News – 2010 08 30

Yahoo! Organic Search Now Powered By Bing

Yahoo! Organic Search Now Powered By BingYahoo! has finished its testing phase with Microsoft and is now in the process of transitioning certain back-end functions for Yahoo! Search over to Microsoft’s search platform. Yahoo! Web, Image, and Video search experiences on both desktop and mobile devices are now powered by the Microsoft platform in the US and Canada (English), with more markets to come. This in essence means that Bing will now be powering Yahoo! search and many other features. The change might not be immediately apparent to Yahoo users, as the search interface remains essentially the same (and the company has indicated that it will continue to make its own experience enhancements). However, you’ll notice if you look at the status bar in your browser that data is indeed being loaded from Bing. Another big piece of the contracted deal is migrating Yahoo search advertisers to Microsoft’s adCenter platform. Although this process is still under development, Microsoft is saying it’s “optimistic about completing this phase later this fall.”

Skype Launches Skype Connect for Businesses

Skype Launches Skype Connect for BusinessesBusinesses can now use Skype Connect to make outbound calls from their desktop phones. When placing these calls, business owners will now be billed at Skype’s standard per minute calling rates. As an added feature, you can receive inbound calls from Skype connected users by placing click & call buttons on their sites, and receive calls from landlines or mobiles in the corporate PBX with Skype’s online numbers that have been purchased separately. Users can also manage their Skype calls using existing PBX or UC systems’ features like call routing, automatic call distribution, conferencing, auto-attendant, voicemail, and call recording. “Since its inception, Skype has been used by many businesses wanting to reduce communications costs,” says David Gurlé, VP and general manager of Skype for Business. “In fact, based on internal research, in the first quarter of 2010, approximately 37% of Skype users reported that they use Skype for some business or business-related purposes. Skype Connect has been available in beta form. In that time, it has connected over 2,400 active customers, and has received PBX and UC certification from Avaya, Cisco, SIPfoundry, ShoreTel, and other OEMs. More info about Skype Connect can be found in this guide.

Google Introduces Weighted Sort

Google Introduces Weighted SortGoogle has just released a new sort algorithm called ‘Weighted Sort’. Have you ever sorted a report by bounce rate and seen nothing but entries with a 100% bounce rate? Have you then noticed that these entries only have 1 visit? Not only is this useless and frustrating, but it obscures the real data points that you care about behind pages of garbage. Well no need to fret anymore! Google’s new algorithm can sort by the number of data points, bringing you the most interesting and actionable rows first. For instance, in the example below, the weighted sort will display the computed value bounce rate by the number of visits:weighted sort 1 Here we are sorting by descending value on bounce rate. Notice how all these rows have 1 visit each for a bounce rate of 100%. This is definitely useless information. Below is how the results display by turning on weighted sort: weighted sort 2 Now this information you can definitely use and make sense of. Weighted sort took into consideration the number of visits for each row bringing to the forefront the items you care about. Keep in mind that because weighted sort is no longer a strict sort, there will be values that don’t strictly follow the order you would assume. Weighted sort is also available on other popular computed metrics, so look at the demo below to learn more or read the help article to get started.

YouTube Gives Advertisers New Video Exclusion Options

YouTube Gives Advertisers New Video Exclusion OptionsAlthough YouTube announcements are rare, this weeks news from the team at YouTube is great news for Google Adwords Advertisers. The new video and channel exclusions for advertisers allow one to choose specific videos and channel URLs that they don’t want their ads to display on. youtube-exclusions This update was designed to provide Advertisers with a balance of good exposure and upholding to their audience values. YouTube also suggests using the feature to keep ads from appearing on videos they deem inappropriate for the audience or ones that aren’t performing in terms of click-through rate or conversions.

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