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The middle of August has now arrived and we have another great week of Internet Marketing news to report to you. We will be sharing an amazing Interview with Google’s CEO, a great traffic driving tip, 3 new real time Social Media search engines, an important Birthday for Microsoft, and a new official Facebook app. Our summer seems to have no end in sight for with this amazing hot weather, we hope you have all been enjoying it too!

Internet Marketing News – 2010 08 16

Eric Schmidt(Google’s CEO) On the Future of Search

Internet Marketing NewsIn an interview for the Wall Street Journal, Google's CEO talks about the future of search. Eric Schmidt says that in the future they hope Google could become a virtual assistant that offers suggestions and solves problems without having to define them.

"We're still happy to be in search, believe me. But one idea is that more and more searches are done on your behalf without you needing to type. I actually think most people don't want Google to answer their questions. They want Google to tell them what they should be doing next."

"The thing that makes newspapers so fundamentally fascinating — that serendipity — can be calculated now. We can actually produce it electronically. The power of individual targeting — the technology will be so good it will be very hard for people to watch or consume something that has not in some sense been tailored for them," says Eric Schmidt. "As you go from the search box [to the next phase of Google], you really want to go from syntax to semantics, from what you typed to what you meant. And that's basically the role of [Artificial Intelligence]. I think we will be the world leader in that for a long time."

To better understand queries and to answer questions that were never asked explicitly, Google has to learn more about users and that's one of the reasons why Google struggles to build successful social services. We are definitely excited to see how Google plans to keep rolling out the Future of Search and will update you accordingly when any new updates arise.

Drive lots of traffic to your site with Twitter’s official Tweet Button

Drive lots of traffic to your site with Twitter’s official Tweet ButtonYou can now drive more traffic to your blog or website then ever before. Even better you can do so for free using Twitter’s official new ‘Tweet Button’. This new tool provided by Twitter allows any visitor from your site to share your valuable content with the rest of the Twitter World. Tweet Buttons are placed into your website using HTML and a little bit of JavaScript. One other great feature by adding this button to your website is that your visitors can share your content in one click- without having to leave the page. This ensures you do not lose any traffic and and at the same time you have an army of visitors to help you gain traffic! Learn how to setup your own ‘Tweet Button’.

Top 3 Real Time Search Engines

Top 3 Real Time Search EnginesA new source for finding huge amounts of fresh information about news and events can now be found by using real time Social Search Engines. What is unique about these Search Engines is they provide pertinent information, but with a personal/social spin on it.

1. Collecta:

A powerful search tool, yet it is easy to figure out and navigate. The front page holds boxes, each containing a hot topic represented with both images and text, so you have a feeling of reading a real time newspaper.

2. 48ers:

Definitely a new contestant in the real time search race. The search results display hits from Twitter, Facebook, Google Buzz, Digg, and Delicious. A tiny icon next to each result shows the source. If you want to see the results for each network separately, you can filter the results from a menu on the left.

3. Leapfish:

Leapfish is both a regular search engine and a real time search engine. The main column displays the results. LeapFish does a good job of sorting and presenting them: The latest from the news corporations tops the list. Then comes the most tweeted links related to your query. Below this is a list of the latest related tweets. To the right are boxes for video and image results.

Learning to navigate through Social Search Engines can definitely be a new experience, however with some initial exposure, it is a very fun & effective way to search the Internet.

Internet Explorer turns 15!

Internet Explorer turns 15!Happy 15th Birthday goes to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer today. The first version of the browser debuted  on August 16, 1995. It was based on Mosaic, a web browser Microsoft had licensed from a company called Spyglass Inc. Starting with version 3.0, Microsoft started bundling Internet Explorer with Windows. Right now, Microsoft is hard at work preparing for the launch of the next chapter in Internet Explorer history: Internet Explorer 9. The initial public beta of the new browser is scheduled to be launched at an event in San Francisco on September 15.

Facebook launches its own Live Video Channel

Facebook launches its own Live Video ChannelFacebook Live, is a new official APP that was created to provide the public with a “…window into what’s new at Facebook”. Facebook Live will also include celebrity guests that stop by the company’s HQ, demos of new features from employees and special events taking place. The app itself is very similar to other live video platforms, with integrated chat that broadcasts out to the News Feed. This is an amazing step in the direction for Facebook because if it allows Developers to use this new app, then anytime your friends upload a video, it will tell you instantly in your news feed, and provide a very detailed amount of stats involving it.

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    I believe in Google and its Products and features. Seeing at the current technological advancements from Google I truly  Feel that with in no time Google will be putting Erics's statement to action.. Keep going Google.. I believe in you..   Anthony the Real Time Search Engines you mentioned are also cool.. its a new information for me.

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