This Week In Internet Marketing – 2010 08 03

This Week In Internet Marketing – 2010 08 03

Can you believe that it’s August already?  As we head into a new month, it seems that everyone is looking to educate their audience more and more.  Google has stepped up the blogging by adding guest bloggers and Yahoo! is re-visiting old posts to keep the important lessons fresh in our minds.  Even we here at TechWyse will be stepping it up over the next few weeks so look out world, the blogging frenzy is just around the corner!

Internet Marketing News – 2010 08 03

AdWords Myths – Common Mis-Perceptions About Keywords

AdWords Myths – Common Mis-Perceptions About KeywordsWhen it comes to getting advice on Google AdWords, you can’t get any better than a post from Google themselves.  This is the second post by Google dispelling some of the common myths about running AdWords.  The simple fact is, most businesses can benefit from AdWords if it’s run properly.  Unfortunately, most business owners out there lack the experience and skills to use this complicated program.  This results in a plethora of urban myths about the system.  Google does a great job of clearing up some of these fallacies.  My suggestion?  Hire a professional to do what they do best while you focus on what you do best!

Building A Foundation With Strong KeyWords

Building A Foundation With Strong KeyWordsWhile the concept is simple, this post is an important read for anyone looking to start an SEO initiative.  I think the most valuable concept they’ve touched on here is the fact that the mindset of your customer can change depending on which part of the buying cycle they‘re in.  A customer in the early research phase is likely to search for different keywords and phrases than a customer looking to buy right now.

How 12 CEOs & Founders Are Leveraging Web Video

How 12 CEOs & Founders Are Leveraging Web VideoWith the recent boom in Social Media, it’s been interesting to watch how both the young and not so young CEOs and executives out there have been jumping on board.  Mashable set out to take it a little further and find out how many of them were using video to boost their corporate appearance, educate their customers and ultimately make their company more interactive.  Here are 12 fantastic examples with samples of their videos at work!

When More Is Actually Less In Paid Search

When More Is Actually Less In Paid SearchSearch Engine Land has given us six common fallacies about running paid search campaigns.  For me, one of the most valuable items in here is about competitive analysis and how worrying too much about what your competitors are doing can drive you nuts and bring your results down.  Without access to their budgets, campaigns, analytics, product margins and other important pieces of information you’re never going to be able to truly know whether that top spot is actually doing anything for them.  Focus on your own side of the fence and you’ll waste less time and get better results in the long run!

More Internet Marketing News

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