This Week In Internet Marketing – 2010 06 22

This Week In Internet Marketing – 2010 06 22

With the sounds of the famous World Cup horns blasting, it’s amazing that anyone in the world was able to get any work done this past week!  Well fortunately for us, the internet must go on!  We’ve got some interesting internet marketing news for you this week so let’s get to it!

Internet Marketing News – 2010 06 22

Click To Call Ads Fully Launched

Click To Call Ads Fully LaunchedGoogle’s newest advertising format is officially out of preview mode and available for the world to use.  Click-To-Call ads give mobile users the ability to see an ad, click on a call icon and have the phone automatically dial the advertisers phone number.  We here at TechWyse have been testing this ad feature with select clients from the very beginning so we’re excited to have this fully available!  This is just another example of Google’s recent focus on mobile applications.

Introducing The Google Display Network

Introducing The Google Display NetworkThe Google Display Network is an all encompassing umbrella in which you can advertise to all of the Google ad resources including Google AdSense, You Tube, Google Finance, Maps, Blogger and over a million online partners!  This change will be reflected in the next few weeks in the AdWords interface.  Google has also launched a new website showcasing the sites and benefits available to you on the Google Display Network.

Double Your Traffic Using Optimal Category Names

Double Your Traffic Using Optimal Category NamesThere are many services out there such as Google maps and the Yellow Pages in which businesses are divided into different categories.  While it may seem like an easy and obvious decision to make, many business owners are missing the mark.  This post does a great job of walking you through how these services work and and you can best make this decision.

Scoping Out Your Keywords

Scoping Out Your KeywordsChoosing the right keywords is no job to be taken lightly.  Because the search engines can take a few months to reflect changes made to your website, you don’t want to fall into the trap of optimizing for ineffective keywords and even worse, downright wrong ones.  This post is all about choosing the right keywords and getting the right mix between broad and long-tail keywords.

More Internet Marketing News

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    Very interesting posts Chris. I am waiting to see some cool services from TechWyse for the Call Ads. And, the Google Display Network was very informative. Nice to see the way Google is spreading its ways to get more and more subscribers use it.
    The Google Fun fact was indeed cool and fun, now, who would not want to have a go at the Google premises, even if its for a visit eh?

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    Good to know about Google click to call ads feature for mobile phones which enables mobile browsers to call instantly to the appeared ads and about Google Display Network which enables to manage ads from one single location and which is displayed across several channels and medias.

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