This Week In Internet Marketing – 2010 05 17

This Week In Internet Marketing – 2010 05 17

Another week has gone by in the real world which some say is equal to a month in the internet marketing world!  If you’ve been too wrapped up in the Stanley Cup Hockey action to surf the net, here’s a look at what happened.

Internet Marketing News – 2010 05 17

The Great Flash Debate Continues

The Great Flash Debate ContinuesA couple weeks ago, Steve Jobs wrote an article going over his thoughts on Flash.  Adobe has now posted their own rebuttal on their website.  For the most part, the world seems to be torn as to which side to support.  I for one am like most people out there, patiently waiting to see how this goes down so that I can go on with my day.

Google's Favorite Things

Google's Favorite ThingsIt has now been a full year since Google launched their data export API to the developers of the world.  To celebrate, Google has put out a nice little list of their favorite add-on applications for Google Analytics.  My personal favorite in this list would have to be ShufflePoint Studio.  It lets you associate PowerPoint text, table and chart placeholders with refreshable Google Analytics data.  Very cool!

Google, Intel & Sony to Introduce Smart TV

Google, Intel & Sony to Introduce Smart TV3 of the biggest companies in the world are rumored to be working on a new project involving televisions.  The product would likely be a set-top box based on Intel’s Atom CPU and Google’s Android OS, while Sony is slated to reveal the plan to integrate web services directly into their televisions.  The financial times also made claim that Google would open up to the Android community to develop apps for TV’s.

The Call to Action & Your Website Content

The Call to Action & Your Website ContentLast week we posted a new blog all about how to write customer focused website content.  The key is in focusing on the wants and needs of your customer rather than trying to take a “push marketing” salesman approach.  The post also touched on your call to action, with a strong example demonstrating to importance of keeping your tagline to the point and making the action clear.

More Internet Marketing News

Here are a few other articles released in the past week or so that we highly recommend you check out.

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    Reg. the Great Flash Debate, Adobe has no right to talk about "Freedom of choice". They talk much about Openness in one side and selling their products for a higher price on the other side. Agreed that money is required to run a company but they can make their products opensource for using the basic features and can charge fees for upgrading. This will lead to more flash users and Search Engines will be forced to collaborate with flash or vice versa to make it SEO friendly. See how google offer many services free and they generate revenue through ads, PPC, specialized services etc. Adobe can make a good amount of money through analytics by which only they can track the clicks on flash etc…what do you say?

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