This Week In Internet Marketing – 2010 03 29

This Week In Internet Marketing – 2010 03 29

Search Funnels, new reporting in Google Adwords, & Search Engine Strategies New York – the news continues this week!

Internet Marketing News – March 29, 2010

Search Funnels Showing Google Adwords Has Even More Value

Search Funnels Showing Google Adwords Has Even More ValueOne of the things that we often need to do is help clients understand the value of pay per click advertising.  While some visitors convert immediately they don’t always.  Google announced last week the launch of ‘Search Funnel’ reporting.  What this has meant is that we now have more data to support the value that Google Adwords can bring. 

Keeping Your Ads At The Top Of Peoples Minds With Remarketing

Keeping Your Ads At The Top Of Peoples Minds With RemarketingWe really like this new feature also available through Google Adwords.  Imagine that you capture a visitor via pay per click, they visit your site and then leave.  With Remarketing, days later when that visitor is on another related site that is showing Google Ads, we now have the opportunity to ‘re-market’ to them with a custom message that is created based upon their original visit.  Example - ‘Still Looking for Widgets?’, ‘Did you find a new dentist yet?’.  Very clever!  If you want to learn about getting this working for you feel free to ask me!

Are The Yellow Pages Becoming Obsolete

Are The Yellow Pages Becoming ObsoleteThis is probably one of our most asked questions pertaining to ‘non internet’ marketing spend.   We have been saying for a long time that the ‘Yellow Pages’ that we all knew pre- 2000 is now gone and replaced with Search Engines like Google.  Why are people still spending money with Yellow Pages?  To be blunt – given the pricing we really don’t know.  Here is a good article which explains this whole concept further.

How Startups Are Using Social Media

How Startups Are Using Social MediaIn most industries you can usually look at the small guys for gorilla marketing ideas.  It usually takes bigger business a little longer to catch on to how to do things.  I really like this article which explains some cool ways that ‘start-ups’ are using social media.  But don’t let that stop you as many of these items can also be used by bigger business today.

Understanding The Importance of Bidding Broad vs Long Tail

Understanding The Importance of Bidding Broad vs Long TailI hear it all the time from clients.  ‘We want to rank number 1 for the key term widgets at all costs!’.  It can be very difficult to explain why it is more valuable to place those funds on key terms which are more targeted like ‘children’s widget advice’.  Especially if there are budget limitations!  If you read this article it will help explain the difference very well.  Placing your money on keywords that convert should be paramount.  It can save you a great deal of money on the broader scale with your budget!

Nearly 75% of Internet Users Visit Social Networks

Nearly 75% of Internet Users Visit Social NetworksYup!  A recent study has shown that 75% of all internet users are using social media.  Time to come up with some very clever ideas to market to this community.  True – you aren’t generally marketing to people that are seeking for your services as they do in search engines but it is still an opportunity to appeal to an audience that may want to follow and learn more about the products and services offered by your company.

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    That is a lot of information DJ. It has touched almost all the facets of Internet Marketing and goes to say how important Analytics is along with the Social Media Marketing strategies you make. I think I am gonna look out for this weekly updates, got me hooked on to it.

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