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This week, we’re back with the latest news and updates from the world of internet marketing. We’ll see how LinkedIn is coming up with conversational ads. Twitter is enabling users to invite guests to live-stream ahead of time. As well, virtual event platforms are trying to meet demand as the Coronavirus knocks out conferences. Facebook is launching a new community accelerator program to help leaders utilize Facebook’s tools. Finally, Google is giving the advice to focus on relevance, rather than chasing algorithm updates!

LinkedIn Introduces Conversation Ads: A New Message-Based Ad Format

LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn is coming up with something new this time. They’re launching a new type of message-based ad that uses conversation to deliver a customized user experience for everyone.  LinkedIn’s new conversation ads are designed to be more personal and engaging! Businesses can make use of conversation ads to work on campaigns with multiple conversion paths leading to a variety of calls-to-action.

The content served through conversation ads can be personalized according to where the prospect is in the conversion funnel. Businesses can expect much higher-quality engagements from prospects by providing them with interesting advertising content. Conversation ads can be used with existing LinkedIn features such as Lead Gen Forms and Conversion Tracking.

Twitter Now Enables Users to Invite Guests to Live-Streams Ahead of Time

Twitter Live-Streams

During these days of social distancing, social platforms can become an essential element of our day-to-day lives. Twitter has recently updated its real-time video connection feature, adding a new option to add audio guests into your Twitter live-streams before you start your broadcast. Now, as you begin your Twitter stream, you’ll be able to invite up to three people to join as audio guests.

As your invitees tap on the “View” prompt in their DM, they will get redirected to the live broadcast. However, you won’t be able to send the request to join your stream until you go live. This means before you start inviting people, you’ll have to begin your stream solo first.

Virtual Event Platforms Scramble to Meet Demand as the Coronavirus Knocks Out Conferences

Virtual Events

A lot of measures are being taken by the federal government to ban mass gatherings for stopping the spread of COVID- 19. This is drastically impacting many industries. Marketing conferences scheduled to take place are being cancelled, postponed, or are going the digital route. As marketers, we cannot bring everything to a stop. This is why companies are now turning to virtual event platforms to deliver content.

But with the surge of multiple requests coming in, how are these companies managing the increased demand?

The waitlist for virtual events platform Hopin swelled from 10,000 in February to over 18,000 event organizers in a about three weeks, Founder and CEO Johnny Boufarhat told CNBC in an interview. To keep up with the demand, the company plans to double its 20 person workforce. As well, to focus on expanding the platform’s hosting capabilities and scalability.

The platform can now accommodate up to 10,000 attendee-users and provides interactive features for users to ask questions to presenters.

Facebook Launches New Community Accelerator Program to Help Leaders Utilize Facebook’s Tools

Facebook Tools

Facebook has been thriving to improve group engagements as much as possible. It’s been working over the last couple of years in maximizing group engagements. Eventually, they plan to help admins and community leaders with more tools to help them improve their performance. This week, Facebook is launching another initiative to boost further on-platform group activity. They’ll do this with a new “community accelerator” program that will help community leaders maximize the use of Facebook’s tools to facilitate growth.

Currently, this new community accelerator program is open to communities with leaders who are 18 years of age or older. They reside in Brazil, the US, Australia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, the UK, France, Germany, South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria and Egypt.

Google’s Advice: Instead of Chasing Algorithm Updates, Focus on Relevance

Focus on relevance

Google has many ranking factors that affect the ranking of every website. But, quality content has always been a significant factor. During a recent Google Webmaster Hangout, Trends Analyst John Mueller’s recommendations added some complexity. He stressed on why we should be focussing on relevance as well. Quality is necessary, but more than that, it’s more important for the information to correspond with the user intent.

Instead of reacting to the changes in Google’s algorithm, Mueller advises that business owners and webmasters should use frequent A/B testing and user studies. By doing this, it can help determine the future success of their content marketing campaigns.

To understand the difference between quality content and relevant content, click here.

Wrapping up!

There has been quite a bit happening recently in the world of internet marketing. LinkedIn is back in business by introducing conversational ads based on messages. Twitter is now allowing users to invite guests to live-streams ahead of time. This is essential at this point, as everyone is trying to isolate themselves from direct meetings. We can see how measures are being taken to prevent spreading the virus. This means virtual event platforms will take over to meet demand as the Coronavirus continues.

We saw Facebook coming up with its new “community accelerator” program to boost group engagements, which eventually helps leaders utilize Facebook’s tools. Google has advised everyone to stop chasing the algorithm updates. Rather, they encourage users to provide relevant content that matches user intent. It can improve your search rankings significantly!

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