This Week In Internet Marketing 12-20-2010

This Week In Internet Marketing 12-20-2010

With less than a week to go before Christmas, the holiday spirit is everywhere – especially at our HQ here in Toronto. All of us here are very excited for the holiday season to unfold and look forward to sharing you this weeks news in the world of Internet Marketing!

Internet Marketing News 12 20 2010

New search result notifications display compromised websites

With Google’s endless effort on improving the user experience, Google now offers a visual notice below a search result which helps people know when a site may have been hacked.

hacked site full

Improvements to Google Translate

Improvements to Google Translate Google has added 3 new improvements to their ‘Translate’ feature. The first improvement is alternative translations which can help you understand the true intended meaning of the phrase. Secondly, they have added a virtual keyboard. Lastly, they have added speech synthesis so you can not only see text translations, but actually hear them spoken aloud!

Making Photo Tagging Easier On Facebook

Making Photo Tagging Easier On FacebookThe all mighty Facebook is now using facial recognition software to let US users identify friends automatically in photo gallery uploads. When a Facebook user uploads digital pictures, newly added software matches the faces to those that have been tagged, or named, in other photos!

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    We all are in the Christmas celebration Mood!! Now  most are copying the Idea of other website to their website.   The facebook face tagging feature is pretty old implemented in Orkut and some other social networks.. However its good that the best features are being implemented in theirs too..
    Lets hope for more innovation and user oriented helpful features from Mr. Social Network soon..

  • avatar

    Indeed a good move from Google. In the wake of Gawker security breach and other related incidents this would be a timely alert notice taken by Google.
    It seems all started cocooning in the prep of holidays. I am on my way to the beckoning beaches of Barbados hula hula…
    Wishing all the Rise To the Top readers a very warm Christmas and happy holidays ahead 🙂

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