This Week in Internet Marketing 2015 11 03

This Week in Internet Marketing 2015 11 03

Hello and Happy Tuesday! This Week in Internet Marketing, we've gathered some of the best stories and articles from the web. We're talking about how content marketing can build trust and ways to make your content rank higher. In addition, we'll be looking at search engine optimization for local businesses, how emotion influences decisions, and ways to turn your visitors into customers.

Why Content Marketing Is the Best Way to Build Trust Between Consumers and Brands

Trust Building via Content Marketing

Content marketing is often a great way to show your audience that you're confident with your business, products, and services. While you're showing great content and resourceful tips for your readers, you're also allowing them to further understand your business's knowledge and expertise. When you're providing free, valuable resource for your audience, they begin to turn to your brand as an authority in the industry. Take a look at this article to see why content marketing is a great way to build trust with your consumers.

10 Ways to Make Your Website Content More Relevant (and Rank Higher)

Relevant Content Tips

For businesses, being relevant is important, especially when you want to rank for specific keywords. In order to create relevant content for your site, you need to understand your audience, industry, and the information your target is searching for online. This is the foundation of your content creation process. When you understand user intent, you will be able to create a list of keywords that can ultimately help you create powerful content that can rank higher in search engines. Check out this article for more ways on making your website content more relevant and ranking higher on SERPs.

A Simple Guide to SEO for Local Businesses [Infographic]

SEO Guide for Local Business

When I'm in an unfamiliar area, I'll most likely turn to Google to find the nearest and best restaurants and stores nearby. This is why according to Google's own research, "50% of consumers who conducted a local search on their smartphone visited a store within a day." At that point, users are looking for immediate results in the local area. In order to compete for the top results on SERPs, local businesses need to optimize their website. Take a look at this infographic on how you can optimize your website for local searches.

How to Use Emotion to Influence Decisions & Increase Conversions

Increase Conversions Using Emotions

As humans, we are emotional creatures. In fact, research has shown that emotions "powerfully, predictably, and pervasively influence decision making." The choice of visuals and texts you use for your content, website, and social media can all influence the way people interpret your message. By using specific words and pictures, you can trigger your audience to feel a specific way. Check out this article to see how you can use emotion to influence your audience and increase conversions.

10 Ways That Turn Visitors into Customers

Tips to Turn Visitors into Customers
Having a large number of visitors to your site is definitely a positive result to be happy about. However, the number of visitors coming to your website may not truly represent the success of your business. When you're driving a large amount of traffic to your site, you want to be able to convert them into customers. In order to influence your visitors to convert, you need to ensure you're providing valuable information for them and understanding your audiences' needs. You want to be able to show your audience that you're able to provide better results than your competitors. Take a look at this article to see how you can turn your website visitors into customers.

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