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This week we are back with more internet marketing news. Today, we will look into Facebook lookalike audience changing and what you need to know. Also, on the list, Twitter rolling out a new ad unit in the explore tab and how voice assistants like Alexa can help in reaching elderly Americans.  In addition, we'll take a look at how to write social media guidelines that help employees and protect your brand. Finally, we will cover how Spotify podcast ads can now track impressions, reach and audience data.

Here are the updates and news on internet marketing for you!

Facebook Lookalike Audience Changes: What Marketers Need to Know

Facebook, in a recent update, introduced a big change in how you make lookalike audiences. They removed country targeting from the creation process. Subsequently, they will now use the location you've chosen in the ad set of your campaign. Although these changes may seem small, it has several negative implications. The first being Facebook disabling your current lookalike audiences in the Audiences dashboard.

facebook lookalike audience

Read the article to learn what's changed with Facebook lookalike audiences. Discover four lookalikes to use with Facebook and Instagram ads!

Twitter Rolls Out a New Ad Unit in the Explore Tab

Twitter is coming up with a Promoted Trend Spotlight, a takeover ad displayed at the top of the explore tab. The tab includes Twitter's trending topics, making it one of the most visited sections outside of Twitter's main feed. Promoted Trend Spotlight is no longer exclusive to select advertisers. The ad unit is now available to advertisers across various countries. This works along with Twitter's promoted trend takeover to improve visibility with GIFs, 6- second videos, and static images.

Twitter Ads

Read the article to get the whole picture of the Promoted Trend Spotlight and how it can help advertisers.

How Voice Assistants Like Alexa Can Help Marketers Reach Elderly Americans

Many elderly people find it challenging to deal with technology as it keeps getting updated. They have a low frustration tolerance for learning how technologies work. This is a big reason why voice assistants like Alexa are catching on with this audience. With devices like Amazon Alexa or Google Home, they simply speak their requests, and the device responds. There is no requirement for swiping, clicking, or staring at a small screen.

Voice Assistance for the aged

If you want to know all the aspects that the elderly benefit from voice assistance, read the complete article!

How to Write Social Media Guidelines That Help Employees and Protect Your Brand

Many brands use social media to increase their visibility and manage many accounts. Clearly, Social media has become more important during recent years, and it wasn't very easy for marketers to convince their CEOs to invest in social. Corporate social accounts are a great way to promote content, engage with audiences, find talent, and drive sales. Employee advocates are an important part of achieving social media's potential, and so, why do your brand advocates matter? It's because people are likely to read a post from a friend rather than a brand. This means your employees have the potential to be your most reliable advocates on social media.

Social Media Guidelines

Read the article to learn how you can write social media guidelines that will help your employees and protect your brand.

Spotify Podcast Ads can now Track Impressions, Reach and Audience Data

Spotify has rolled out a new set of marketing tools for podcast advertisers. These tools make it possible to view impressions, reach, frequency and audience information for podcast ads. It's now available, as per the announcement the company made on Wednesday. The new metrics are backed by Spotify's new ad technology, Streaming Ad Insertion (SAI). Moreover, SAI uses data from the platform's logged-in audience, along with its streaming audio service.


Learn more about this new update that can help marketers who use Spotify podcasts ads!

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