This Week: Factors To Improve Video Engagement, New ‘Follow’ Feature in Google Maps and, Guide to Attribution Modelling in Google Ads

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In today’s This Week in Internet Marketing, we’re covering Google Ads' new "follow" feature for business on Google Maps, and factors to consider for video engagement on social channels. We also look at tips for content writing, a link building tool roundup and lastly, how attribution modelling in Google ads can improve your sales. Let's dive in!

6 Factors That Improve Your Video Engagement On Social Channels

Studies have revealed that only 1.2% of videos go viral on Facebook. In this article, Adam Torkildson discusses factors that we should consider to improve video engagement on social channels.
People are on your social channel for entertainment and information, so being a good storyteller will help you rise above your competitors. Keeping your target audience in mind, create a story that grabs their attention instantly. Try to make your video entertaining yet straightforward, and be mindful of the length of your video; remember, your followers probably aren't patient enough to watch a two-minute video, so keeping the video short is smart.

85% of Facebook Video is watched with the sound off,  so create a video that's mute ready. In other words, your video should have subtitles on them. For social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram, content is visible on the feed based on the hashtag. If the hashtags are used based on the current trend, you'll increase the chances of your video going viral. The majority of your followers are on your social channel through their mobile phone, so it's important to make your video mobile-friendly too. For instance, Facebook reported that vertical videos are generating higher watch times than horizontal videos.

While creating more engagement on your social media through video, there are a few factors to keep in mind. The content, quality, and length of your video all contribute to increased engagement on social media.

5 Content Writing Tips: How to Get to the Point Clearer & Faster

If you find yourself confused about how to make your writing as clear as air and as faster than light, here are some things to consider. Ron Lieback shares some writing principles that he's discovered from his experience in writing for online and print publications.

Your content should be so explicit and to the point that when reading it, even a five-year-old should be able to understand. When a reader is reading your material, they've already got too many things going on in their head, and many of them won't stay on the page long enough to decipher what you mean if your writing is unclear. Clear and simple writing will convey your message faster; and in this digital age where everything seems to move at warp speed, that's more important than ever.

If your writing lacks flow, it's safe to assume that this is where the problem stems from — so what's the solution? Create a framework for your main ideas. You may think you have zero knowledge on the subject you're writing about, but laying things out before diving in can help organize your ideas and give you a better understanding. Edit your article as much as you can, and look for useless words and ideas in your content that don't relate to the topic.

Being clear and straightforward while writing will help you to convey your message better to your readers.

Link Building Tool Roundup: Site Crawlers

If you're looking to up your link building game, the first thing you need to do is use a tool that can help maximize your link building efficiency and effectiveness. Begin with conducting a sample audit of the site before reaching out is always time-saving; but some crawlers can take longer time than expected. The next thing to do is to find the best pages for links. The higher the link more likely the page will rank. If you have a broken page with backlinks, you'll want to identify that and find a solution. To do this, you will need to run a report.; DeepCrwol is one of the easy ways to find these pages.

The second thing to do to make the site link-worthy. If you want your content to rank, then make sure that every link on the page is accessible. Edit all the duplicate content on your page, make sure that your redirects are set up correctly, and check your load time to ensure visitors aren't waiting on your site.

Google Adds New 'Follow' Feature for Businesses in Google Maps

It was only last year that Google Maps rolled out business posts, and ever since then, there have been changes such as music controls, commuter tools, ETA sharing and much more. Recently, Google introduced a "follow" feature in Google Maps that allowed users to follow their favourite businesses and stay top on their updates.

So how exactly does this work? If someone is looking for a specific restaurant, once you look up for the restaurant on Google Maps you can then tap the follow button and then all the latest updates about the restaurant will appear on the 'For You' tab. As of right now, the "For You" tab is only available in limited markets but Google has plans of launching it in other countries as well. Google Maps is the most used app on mobile devices, and now with the new follow feature businesses will have a huge advantage when it comes to reaching customers.

Guide to Attribution Modelling in Google Ads (Adwords)


An attribution model is used in Google Ads to understand how users are searching for your products and what purchasing process they go through before they finally check out. It's classified in two categories:

  1. Rule-Based Attribution Models
  2. Algorithmic Attribution Models.

Due to attribution and its exceptional insight on consumer behaviour, it's time to say goodbye to last ad click keywords. Giving your last ad keywords lot of attention and ignoring your first and middle click keywords will lead to a decline in your sales, since your keyword is not completing your sales.

No one wants their PPC campaign to fail, so what's the solution? The key is to bid on keywords that initiate the conversion. Click here to find out how to find for the right keywords and search queries to get more leads and drive more sales.

It's a competitive market. Contact us to learn how you can stand out from the crowd.

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