This Week: Facebook’s New Report on Customer Friction, Paid Search for the Holiday Shopping Season & SEO Tips for 2019!

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This week we are back again with more internet marketing news; we’ll be covering Facebook's new report on customer friction points, paid search trends for 2018 holiday shopping season and ten SEO tips for 2019. Lastly, we will cover how to optimize your local business for voice search, and six rules to break for more creative ideas. Let's dive in!

Facebook Releases New Report on Customer Friction Points, and How to Resolve Them

In this article, Andrew Hutchinson talks about the new report Facebook released on customer friction points and how brands can resolve them. According to Facebook,  "The future belongs to businesses who remove friction for their customers."

So what does this mean? Customers go through several steps before they make their purchase and as a brand, you want to make it simple and easy for your customers by minimizing those steps. Digital platforms like your website work to provide more immediate on-platform shopping options, reducing the steps required to make a purchase.  With that said, it is also true that customer's expectations are also rising. Customers won't hesitate to click away if they are forced to make an extra effort during the purchasing process. Facebook has, in fact, listed the main reasons that consumers have noted. These include pain points such as less awareness about the product or service, no relevant information when the ad is clicked on, missing price information,  and other technology-related problems. The insights in this report are more focused on those selling products, but the challenges reported relate to any business website, including load times, discovery challenges and customer service issues. Facebook has also provided solutions. In the accompanying 'Zero Friction Solutions' guide, Facebook outlines all the key issues in each phase and notes how, utilizing Facebook's tools, brands can address them.

Paid search trends to watch for the 2018 holiday shopping season

The holiday season is upon us, and it is time for Paid Media experts to focus their PPC strategy based on the holiday season.

Holiday is the best time for retailers, and if their PPC campaign is done right, they can make a killing during this time. In this article, Andy Taylor has mentioned several trends, and tips for 2018 holiday paid search campaign. Keywords are one of the most critical elements, and all the keyword research appropriate to holiday season needs to be included. Make your keywords list up to date and review it before you start targeting them, and create an ad copy that is reflective of your holiday offerings. Your PPC strategy should use audiences to maximize the value of those shoppers who are already familiar with the brand. If necessary, you can always bid more aggressively than usual. Bidding adjustments, modifications to ad copy and landing pages can help place the most effective offers and experiences in front of users based on interests displayed during past interactions with the brand.

Finally, brands should be aware of how they performed in the past and try to learn from it to improve their current campaign. There are plenty of other paid search bits and pieces to focus on throughout the next few weeks, but shopping, local searches and audience optimizations are three of the most significant considerations to keep in mind.

10 SEO Tips That Will Work Like a Pro in 2019

The most important thing in SEO to rank higher is to include keywords in your title and content.  It is necessary for your title to have keywords that you plan to target. Always be very mindful when it comes to keywords. Meta descriptions influence searches. So optimize meta descriptions as well.  For your conversion rate to increase, you want your users to access specific pages like your CTA. Hence, structure your navigation in such a way that your users should get your page quickly and easily.  Your users are impatient, and no one likes to sit around and wait for your site to load.. Images can make your page loading time difficult, so compress and optimize your image to avoid this hassle. One of the most uncommon yet beneficial SEO tactics is to interlink your new content with other relevant pages on your site. Interlink Manager can come handy to manage this technique. Focus on your social media channels too like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. as these social channels can get some backlinking to your site. Last but not least, remember to continuously post fresh and high-quality content, in addition to repurposing your old content. Share your content on every channel; repurposing can give an edge to your SEO in 2019.

How to optimize your local business for voice search

Voice search is the new hot topic, and everyone is talking about it. For those who didn't know voice search can benefit your local business in a major way. Voice is the future—it’s growing exponentially, and it’s being integrated into more and more of our everyday tech. Local business marketers need to start making targeted efforts to capitalize on voice search to maximize their online and offline conversion.

A recent study by Brightlocal highlighted that 53% of people owning smart speakers such as Amazon’s Alexa and  Google Home are performing searches like ‘food near me’ for local businesses every day in the U.S. This is a considerable number and presents an excellent opportunity for local business. There are several steps to take while you optimize your local business for voice search. Voice search relies heavily on the information they find around the web of your business, so you will need to step up and ownership of your digital footprint. Cite your information from trusted sources for search queries like Siri, Google Assistant, Alexa and Cortana.

Click here and see the full list on how you can utilize voice search for your local business.

Want More Creative Content Ideas? Break These 6 ‘Rules’

In this article, Kim Moutsos explains how marketers can break the old rules and conventions and create their smarter content marketing ideas. Thinking outside of the box can help brands do better than their competitors. But that said, sometimes when you try new creative ideas, it can be scary sometimes thinking what may go wrong. This will require some time to relax and breathe and let the idea flow on its own. Make your rules, and experiment make sure teams understand they can take risks. Foster a culture where team members know their managers possess a have-your-back attitude when they do take risks. Companies must start with culture and take an attitude of “yes, and …” to create that environment.

Content marketing is done right when you make it like storytelling. Work with departments like SEO or PPC to create new stories, and always reinforce the behaviour you want to see.

It's a competitive market. Contact us to learn how you can stand out from the crowd.

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