This Week: Facebook Link Posts, Google Verticals, SEO and Data Science, and Content Marketing Strategies

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This week we are back again with more internet marketing news! We will discuss topics including; 4 ways to customize your Facebook link posts for more clicks, Google vertical machine learning and no-click searches expected to have the biggest impacts on SEO, and how to improve SEO using data science. Lastly, we'll look at how canonical URLs are chosen, and content strategies.

Here are some updates and news on Internet marketing for us to improve our SEO skills!

4 Ways to Customize Your Facebook Link Posts for More Clicks 

Facebook has emerged as an ideal place for social media marketing. This makes it essential for marketers to know everything regarding Facebook marketing! Facebook wants its users to engage on the platform for as long as possible. It can be challenging for marketers to direct traffic to their website, but it can still happen with the right methods!

 Facebook Link Posts

Read through the article if you want more people to click on your Facebook link posts and you are looking for tricks to customize your Facebook links. You can also go through the article to discover how to use little-known features in Facebook that will drive more traffic to your site.

Google verticals, machine learning and no-click searches expected to have the biggest impacts on SEO

As we know, Google comes up with updates regularly to preserve the quality of its search. This poses challenges for marketers looking at increasing their site rankings through SEO methods. Trends that will affect SEO in the years to come include: Google entering verticals and competing directly against publishers, improvements in machine learning, AI, and zero-click searches.

Machine Learning

Read the article to get an insight into a much more complex picture of SEO's short-term future!

How to improve SEO using data science

It was easy back in the days when a single tweak in the content or the title tag could get your site on top of the search list. Those days are gone, and it is now getting tougher to crack Google algorithms. Most of the users are not scrolling past the first page of the search results! Expect marketers to be innovative to improve their rankings. However, you can rely on data science.

Data science

Data science is a combination of various tools, algorithms, and machine learning principles. They design it to unveil hidden patterns using the raw data. Read the complete article to learn more about data science and how you can apply it to your SEO data!

Google’s John Mueller Explains How Canonical URLs are Chosen

John Mueller

A canonical URL is an excellent technical solution for duplicate content. If you have two similar pages, and they are both likely to rank for a specific key-phrase, the search engine will not know which page it should send traffic to. To solve this problem, you can select a preferred URL known to be a canonical URL. They also enable you to direct search engines to the original version of an article. It is useful for marketers with big websites!

In the article, John Mueller tackles the topic of how Google chooses canonical URLs. Read the complete article to unveil the questions and their answers!

How to Develop a Content Strategy: Start With These 3 Questions

Producing high-quality content and serving the needs of your audience is an admirable goal for many companies. However, if it does not trigger audience behaviour that helps your company reach its business goal, subsequently your efforts will go in vain! To give your content marketing program the best chance of driving desired results, you must know the answers to certain questions. You can then illustrate the answers in the article.

content strategy

A proper content marketing strategy with a unified strategic road map focussing on how you can impact your business with great content is crucial for marketers! Read the entire article to learn more.

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