This Week: Facebook Ads, Google Update, Podcast Outreach, Html Sitemaps and Improvising SEO Rankings

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This week we are back again with more internet marketing news! We will discuss topics, including: How we can reduce Facebook Ad costs with manual bidding, how Google's new snippet setting gives webmasters control over their search listings display, how to effectively attract great guests for your B2B podcast with outreach templates, and the importance of HTML sitemaps with seven reasons to have one. In addition, we'll look at how topic clusters are used to increase SEO rankings in practical.

Here are some updates and news on Internet marketing for us to improve our SEO skills!

How to Reduce Facebook Ad Costs With Manual Bidding

Facebook marketing can attract great customers and also retain them with proper engagements. However, marketers find it costly when it comes to bidding. Want more control over your Facebook campaign costs? Have you thought of using manual Facebook ad bidding? Firstly you need to know how Facebook's ad delivery system works. Facebook uses an auction system to determine which advertisers get their ads displayed! Advertisers bid for their customers' attention; the more bids you win, the more promotion it gets and eventually get shown to the right people!


If you are looking to get more control over your costs, read the article and discover three effective ways for controlling your Facebook ad costs with manual bidding!

Google’s new snippet settings give webmasters control over their search listings display

SEO can be executed amazingly with proper strategies, but implementation is a crucial factor for a successful campaign. Google keeps providing updates to improvise SEO, and as a result marketers need to keep updating accordingly to keep up with the pace. Currently, Google has introduced a new snippet setting that gives webmasters control over their search listings display. One of the more significant requests SEOs, webmasters and site owners have wanted was more control over what Google shows for their listings in the Google search results. These new settings give you more versatility in terms of what you do.


Read the article to learn more about the settings and their advantages and disadvantages on SEO!

How to Get Great Guests for Your B2B Podcast [Outreach Templates]

For an SEO campaign to be successful, it is essential to build your audience through various strategies. Business podcasts are a fantastic opportunity to showcase expertise, share knowledge, and grow your audience. There are ways to execute good podcasts and with proper initiation. The success of any B2B podcast is predicated on multiple factors, but none bigger than the quality, type, and diversity of guests. Even though launching a podcast requires planning and diligence, when it’s aligned with your broader strategy, it can be the most effective pillar of any content marketing approach!


In the article, you will be learning how it can be implemented effectively.

The Importance of HTML Sitemaps: 7 Reasons Why You Should Have One

The role of sitemaps is to guide your website visitors to where they wish to go. It is where they turn if they don't find what they look for in the dropdown menus. Beyond easing your visitors' navigation of your website - which should be the central focus of any marketing effort - there are many other good reasons to use a sitemap. HTML sitemaps purportedly serve website visitors. The sitemaps include every page on the website. An HTML sitemap is just a clickable list of pages on a website.

HTML and XML sitemaps

If you use an XML sitemap, read this article and discover why you need to keep an HTML sitemap!

Using topic clusters to increase SEO rankings in practical

Marketers out there looking to improve their SEO rankings, there are some insights on topic clusters aiding marketers to increase SEO rankings! Topic linking comes under the broader term, internal linking. Internal links in SEO go to web pages in the same domain; however, internal links are considered to be of less value than external links. If topic clusters are put to practice strategically, you will see significant enhancements in your site's performance and improvements in your rankings!

Topic clusters

Learn more about internal linking, and how topic clusters work from the article!

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