This Week: Facebook Ads, Content Marketing, Twitter Tools, WordPress Tips, and Call Analytics

This Week In Internet Marketing

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This week we are back with more internet marketing news! Today, learn about how you can customize your Facebook ads for the customer journey, the meaning of reactive content marketing and why it is taking over, and Twitter tools to increase your followers. Lastly, we'll look at how to make your WordPress site globally friendly, and the benefits of using call analytics.

Here are some updates and news on internet marketing for improving our SEO skills!

How to Customize Facebook Ads for the Customer Journey

If your business is on Facebook, you need to ask yourself this question: "Are you targeting cold, warm, and hot audiences with Facebooks Ads?"

Cold audiences are users who don't know your business. This audience is the biggest amongst the three (cold, warm, and hot.)
Other targeting options include saved audiences and lookalike audiences.

Saved audiences are the most basic type of audience type on Facebook. They allow you to group people based on demographics, age, gender, interest, and behaviours. So, the more niche your business, the better-saved audience network.

Lookalike audiences are the most advanced targeting option on Facebook.

Facebook Ads

If you are targeting these audiences with Facebook Ads and wondering what type of ads work best, read the article and discover the six types of Facebook Ads to move people further along the customer journey.

What is Reactive Content Marketing? And Why is it Taking Over?

If you are a content marketer planning your next campaign, you probably have tons of topics and ideas in mind. You start working on your content, and once it is finished, you will have content that is primed for your audience and fitting perfectly into your strategy.

This process is what is known as proactive content marketing. You don't wait for something to happen. You are working on your stream, making your ideas come into reality. It takes up most of your content strategy and is, without a doubt, effective. But, if there is a more efficient way to do it, you would surely go for it.

Yes, there is, and it is called reactive marketing. In contrast to proactive content marketing, it involves formulating your ideas; you react to trending topics and news and produce content around it.

Reactive content marketing

In the article, you can learn more about reactive marketing and how it can help you get recognized!

The 5 Best Twitter Tools to Increase Your Followers

We all know that Twitter  a platform where posts are limited to 280 characters  is a place for brief thoughts. This brevity formula has continued to be a strong draw for users.

Although Twitter had problems with millions of fake accounts and spam, it still boasts a high engagement rate. When it comes to social media management on Twitter, it is best if you can entice your audience instead of reaching out to them. For many social media marketers, it can be challenging to think about how to get in on that action.

Twitter tools

Look at the five best Twitter tools designed to help you grow your audience.

Going international: How to make your WordPress site globally friendly

The internet is a vast place used by people across the globe. The online nature of this global reach means that the uncertainties, legal dangers, and cultural hazards are minimized.

With a few limitations, the internet is a worldwide phenomenon that ties us all together effectively. There are no boundaries when it comes to sharing your content online.

When it comes to your WordPress website, you presume that it will have a maximum global reach. But that doesn't happen by chance and requires some key features to make it happen!

Global WP

Read the article to follow some useful tips and suggestions on setting up your WordPress site on the path to international influence.

The benefits of using call analytics

When it comes to establishing a relation between online and offline marketing channels, call analytics can be of great importance.

Call analytics can help you build a link between inbound calls and online search, display, social or email campaigns. You can see improved efficiency in your marketing budget resource allocation.

There are many more benefits to using call analytics on your marketing journey.

Call Analytics

Eager to know more? Read the article to find out the benefits call analytics can have on your business!

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