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This Week In Internet Marketing

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This week we are back with more internet marketing news! Today we are discussing Facebook’s introduction of new custom templates for Story ads, how we can create personalized content for your social media marketing, and why it is necessary to fix or remove low-quality web pages. Lastly, we’ll be looking at eleven tips for using Google Ads’ new audiences like a pro, and different ways voice search is affecting your brand!

Here are some updates and news on Internet marketing for improving our SEO skills!

Facebook Introduces New Custom Templates for Stories Ads

Instagram Stories gained rapid popularity, and after Facebook acquired them, Facebook stories were introduced in a similar format. Facebook stories eventually hit 150 million, and this marked a massive shift in the way advertisers thought about placement. The change in content sharing from Newsfeeds to Stories has created some pretty substantial ramifications! Story ads require a lot of creativity and ideas. Creating these ads involves a lot of effort. Facebook is now introducing new templates, which make it easier for marketers to create custom Stories ads across Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram.

Facebook Stories Ads

The new templates allow marketers to take any digital asset and present it as a fullscreen, vertical ad. You can now turn existing assets into stories ads with minimal effort. Read the complete article to learn more!

How to Create Personalized Content for Your Social Media Marketing

Personalized marketing is a strategy where you make use of data analysis to deliver personalized and individualized content and marketing experiences to your target prospects and customers. A common form of personalized marketing is marketing automation, like sending an email to a possible customer after they have browsed your products or abandoned a shopping cart online. However, it gets complex when a website’s content changes based on the person accessing it. Personalization goes hand in hand with social media, as with any other platform where you are offering content to your audience.

Personalized Content

Are you looking to boost engagements, leads, and sales? Consider using personalized content in your marketing! In the article, you’ll find a plan and the tools to create and deliver personalized content via social platforms.

Thin Content: Why You Should Fix or Remove Low-Quality Web Pages

While performing a content audit for a website older than a decade, you may come across outdated content. When you encounter low-performing content like this, it’s tempting to adopt a no-harm, no-foul policy and sweep it under the rug to focus on new material. “Thin content” is a catch-all term that describes any content with a sparse word count. Similarly, this also includes duplicate content, doorway pages, ad-riddled pages, and blog posts or articles that lack readability and depth.

Thin Content

If you are wondering what you should be doing with such content, read the article and find out!

11 tips for using Google Ads’ new audiences like a pro

In any marketing strategy, we always concentrate on acquiring as many customers as possible. The goal is to convert our online audience into customers through relevant content and advertising. Audience types are a powerful way to improve search campaign performance. Improving the reach and relevance of your ad and combining those audiences with a customer’s search intent will give you a highly effective strategy! Besides, If you want to utilize the audience feature, you need to master the latest additions to Google’s portfolio, which launches this month to all advertisers!


Read the article to learn about reaching your ideal customer with Google Ads’ new audience types for Search ads.

Different ways voice search is affecting your brand

Technology is advancing every day to make our lives smoother. In a world where a large number of people engage with their favourite brands online, AI has impacted search engines with the introduction of voice search. Today, a chunk of people find new products online and also place the orders online; however, a radical shift is unfolding. We’re seeing more people searching for information on the web using voice-commands rather than text queries.

Voice Search

Read the article to find out different ways in which voice search is affecting your brand!

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