This Week: Content Marketing, Linkedin Articles, Google Ads Updates, and Video Marketing Strategy

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This week we are back again with more internet marketing news! We will discuss topics including; 5 actions backed by research to improve your content marketing, creating LinkedIn articles people will read and share, Google Ads introducing seasonality adjustments for smart bidding, and video marketing strategies on YouTube. Lastly, we'll discuss the importance of an effective review management workflow.

Here are some updates and news on Internet marketing for us to improve our SEO skills!

5 Actions Backed by Research to Improve Your Content Marketing

Research has continued to be one of the most effective cornerstones of content marketing. Heading into the fall is a great time to test your content marketing. Creating great content is vital, but spot-on content, coupled with a smart strategy and distribution, will keep users engaged. These strategies and distribution plans are the tickets to engagement, trust, and business results. It is equally important to know how you have done this year compared to the previous year!  If your program isn’t yet where you want it to be, now’s the time to make some tweaks.


The article provides some key takeaways to improve your content marketing!

How to Create LinkedIn Articles That People Will Read and Share

We know that LinkedIn posts and status updates are limited to 1,300 characters. LinkedIn articles can be up to 125,000 characters long. This gives marketers more opportunities to showcase their expertise and insight. Someone who scrolls past your About section will see an Articles and Activity box. This box will have your latest articles taking up half of the box. This prominent placement highlights content that’s central to you and your brand.
LinkedIn articles

In this article, you’ll learn how to create LinkedIn articles that increase your reach and engagement on LinkedIn.

Google Ads Introduces Seasonality Adjustments for Smart Bidding

Google Ads come up with new updates often to improve the quality of Ads. They are now rolling out seasonality adjustments for smart bidding search and display campaigns.  Smart bidding strategies set bids automatically to help advertisers enhance the performance of their Google Ads campaigns.

smart bidding

They designed Smart Bidding to take seasonality into account. Google recommends using seasonality adjustments only if significant changes to conversion rates are expected because Smart Bidding already manages seasonal events such as holidays. Read the article to know how it's done!

How to Optimize Your Video Marketing Strategy on YouTube

When you've got awesome video content but poor traffic, it is essential to up your YouTube optimization game! Video marketing has been experiencing a near-meteoric rise over the last few years. Videos online have taken over television by many with five billion videos being watched on YouTube each day! It's important to note that having excellent content isn't enough. If you want more people to see your video, optimization is vital.

video optimization

This is where SEO becomes essential. Without a doubt, YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world, making it obvious that your audience will find you, but with the right tactics! Read the article to learn more about optimizing your video content!

The importance of an effective review management workflow

Customers these days are more informed with the rise of social networks and online review platforms. There is information everywhere regarding a brand on Google as reviews, and these reviews impact the customers on making their decision whether to buy the product. Third-party review websites covering various topics are businesses in themselves. Currently, 93% of customers are now using reviews to assess the quality of local businesses (BrightLocal). In addition to this, 72% of customers reportedly don’t take action until they’ve read reviews of a product or service!


Alternatively, instead of leaving review management to your customer service team, we should treat reviews as a marketing conversion lever and manage accordingly. Read the article to find out how you can create a proactive review management workflow!

It's a competitive market. Contact us to learn how you can stand out from the crowd.

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