This Week: Content Marketing, Instagram Business, Machine Learning, and Quora Ads

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This week we are back with more internet marketing news! Today, we're discussing five techniques to build a better content platform; how to humanize your Instagram Business Account; and how Google is using machine learning to manage ad frequency. Lastly, we'll look at email vs social channels for winning consumers’ communication preferences, and how Quora is adding three new targeting options for advertisers!

Here are some updates and news on Internet marketing for improving our SEO skills!

5 Techniques to Build a Better Content Platform

Content marketing is a powerful method to drive potential customers who are looking for valid data on a specific product. To create a truly dynamic, best-of-breed content platform, you need to move with the swiftness of an entrepreneur while leveraging resources like an established brand. A vision for exquisitely designed and executed content platforms is the remedy that should be at the forefront of any great content marketing strategy. But how do you do this?


In this article, you will discover the five characteristics of next-gen, high-quality content platforms that top brands are employing.

5 Ways to Humanize Your Instagram Business Account

Instagram is a popular social media platform with a broad spectrum of opportunities for marketers to promote their business. Marketers have access to a large audience, just like Facebook, so you can promote pretty much any business on Instagram. There are around 25 million business profiles, with 2 million active advertisers on Instagram. While developing an Instagram business profile, most companies concentrate on the visual aspect of their brand. It is not just about the visual element; it's also essential that your communication style reflects your brand’s personality. You want your followers to embrace and approach your Instagram in the same way they would if they were invited into someone's office or home!

Instagram Business Account

Do you want to make your business more memorable on Instagram? In this article, you’ll discover five tips to help your Instagram account stands out.

Google to Use Machine Learning to Manage Ad Frequency When Cookies Are Missing

Machine learning is a way of analyzing data automatically through the use of artificial intelligence. It can learn data patterns and make decisions with little human guidance. Although machine learning has been around for a few years, it is now changing the way we optimize for search engines. Google recently announced the introduction of machine learning to manage ad frequency when third-party cookies are missing. Google is rolling this out as part of a more significant effort to improve user privacy while serving ads in a way that’s effective for both publishers and marketers.

Google Machine learning

Read the article to learn how machine learning is aiding many marketers, and how Google plans to use it!

Email vs. social channels: Who will win over consumers’ communication preferences?

As marketers, we try many methods to promote our brand. Ten years back, there was no ceiling for how high or fast social networking would grow. There appeared to be a market share for every unique segment and audience. The only limiting factor was the number of humans on the planet, hours in the day and the ability of a given platform to grab their attention. As time went by, and with intensified attention wars, winners and losers emerged!

In the last two decades, social networks have redefined how we connect, engage, read news and partake in sharing memories, experiences and ideas. Today, there is a marked interest in what the youth might call 'vintage technology,' that those of us over a certain age know merely as an email. So, what makes email so steadfast, ubiquitous and complicated, and how can marketers respect how people use email!

Email vs Social media

Read the article to find out more about contemporary methods for winning over consumers’ communication preferences on social media and email.

Quora adds 3 new targeting options for advertisers

Quora is a powerful platform for reaching your brand's audience. Over 300 million monthly users scour Quora at any given time, and now marketers have multiple ways to reach them. If you're looking to develop your thought leadership, build authority in your niche or spread brand awareness, Quora is the way to go. In the two years since Quora launched its self-service ad platform, it has been steadily adding new features, formats and capabilities. Quora has recently added additional targeting options for advertisers on the Q&A platform.

Quora Ads

Read the article to learn more about these new options and how it can impact marketers and advertisers!

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