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This week we are back again with more internet marketing news! We will discuss topics including; Content experiences, what marketers need to know about Facebook campaign budget optimization, Organic search responsible for 53% of all site traffic, paid 15% [Study], how & why you should diversify Ad spend, and a report on Facebook News Feed getting 60% of total ad spend across Facebook, Instagram!

Here are some updates and news on Internet marketing for us to improve our SEO skills!

Creative + Logic = Most Helpful Content Experiences

Marketers are looking for ways to improve their content in every aspect to acquire quality traffic. Content marketing can also be looked upon with logic and creativity. Likewise, the brain is a fitting analogy. While you might see yourself as a left or right brain. Certainly, neither side works in isolation. In short, Content marketing should be all brain too. The left brain (automation) works with the right brain (creativity) to create better and more useful content.

creative and logical

To clarify, if you’re comfortable with numbers, logic, and reasoning, you’re a left-brain. In contrast, if you’re creative and rely on intuition to make decisions, you’re a right brain. In the realm of content strategy, automation involves things like content models and content types which requires knowledge in both areas. Read the article to know how the left brain and right brain working together can create an impact on content!

Facebook Campaign Budget Optimization: What Marketers Need to Know

Campaign budget optimization(CBO) is a new Facebook feature that optimizes the distribution of your campaign’s budget across the ad sets within that campaign. This means Facebook will automatically and continuously find the best current opportunities for results (based on your objective) across your ad sets. It will then distribute your budget in real-time to get those results. Facebook recently announced that CBO would be rolled out in September 2019 for advertisers with a 100% CBO adoption.

Facebook campaign budget

In this article, you’ll discover how to use the new CBO setting to generate Facebook advertising campaigns. In addition, it will explain when CBO will become your only option.

Organic search responsible for 53% of all site traffic, paid 15% [Study]

Traffic from organic search has been growing significantly despite the rise of zero-click results. For example, new research from BrightEdge says organic and paid search still deliver far more traffic to websites than other channels, including social and display advertising. According to them, more than 75% of B2B traffic is coming only from organic and paid search. In other words, the firm persistence of organic search seems to be contradicting many structural variations in the SERPs that have been occurring over the past several years!

organic vs paid search

To know more about the statistical study conducted by BridgeEdge regarding organic and paid search traffic, read the complete article!

Entering Competitive Verticals: How & Why You Should Diversify Ad Spend

If you are a marketer looking to break into a competitive vertical, you will need a creative paid media strategy to gain a foothold in the market! Social advertising on Facebook and LinkedIn can be an excellent option for brands looking to gain a foothold in a competitive marketplace. It can even enable new businesses to generate demand for unique products or services. Running paid ads in competitive verticals is usually not feasible! Every vertical has its own challenges, and the marketing funnel as we know is changing.

Competitive verticals

PPC marketers must work to understand their target customers' buying process to map out an appropriate strategy across all available touchpoints. Touchpoints offer brands the opportunity to get in front of their target customers. Learn more with suitable examples from the article!

Report: Facebook News Feed getting 60% of total ad spend across Facebook, Instagram

After Instagram gained much popularity, Facebook acquired them and made many adjustments. Facebook still continues to be productive for many advertisers with News Feed ads outperforming all other ad units. In addition, the social media management platform surveyed Facebook and Instagram ad performance and found a significant percentage of the total ad spend on them is going to Facebook News Feed ads.

Facebook Ads

Read the article to understand why this percentage is directed to Facebook News Feed ads.

It's a competitive market. Contact us to learn how you can stand out from the crowd.

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