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This Month: Google Analytics 4, Content Repurposing, Instagram, and More!

Internet Marketing March 29th, 2022


This Month In Internet Marketing

Wait, it’s almost April already!? The end of March has certainly snuck up on us, and as

another month draws to a close, it’s time to take a look at what’s changed in the digital marketing world.

We’ve compiled five articles that highlight some important updates that you’re going to want to know about.

So without further ado, here’s what we learned this month in marketing!

Prepare for the future with Google Analytics 4

This has been highly anticipated for a while now, and this month – Google has finally announced that they will be moving away from the current Universal Analytics model effective July 1st, 2023. This means that Google Analytics 4 will become the sole version available to users after that date.

Google Analytics 4 was introduced two and a half years ago and was made for a web experience that operates across multiple platforms. It also does not rely on Cookies, making it more compliant with Google’s standards for privacy and security of user information.

What does this mean for you? Even though Google Analytics 4 doesn’t necessarily provide the same amount of user info. as previous models, it still has your best interest in mind. It helps in driving sales, pushing app installs, and getting you leads both offline and online.

Click the link above to learn more about this update.

The Complete Guide to Content Repurposing 

Over the past few years, the significance of content marketing has really come to light. To build brand awareness, authenticity, and authority, you need to have a good content strategy in place. It lets your consumers know that you have their best interest in mind, beyond making a quick sale.

The best part about content? It can be repurposed! If you put time and effort into creating a solid piece of evergreen content, then you can “recycle” little bits of it here and there. This could mean repurposing old parts of blogs as social media posts, creating stories or reels out of longer videos, or turning written content into videos! The possibilities are endless.

In the long run, it’s a great strategy to utilize if you’re in a pinch for time, running dry in the creative department, or looking to reach a wider audience with different content formats. Click the link above to learn more about the many benefits of content repurposing!

Instagram executive suggests hashtags don’t affect reach 

Breaking news! The head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri has recently announced that hashtags might not have as much sway as we originally thought. Basically, if you’re looking to reach a wider audience and improve views on posts, hashtags won’t make or break your chances.

Mosseri explained they’re actually more of a tool that helps us understand what the posts are about or a way to categorize the content itself. Ultimately, hashtags are only helpful if users interact with them, and Instagram deems them ‘high value’.

Instagram considers content ‘high value’ if it achieves a high engagement rate, and in turn, the algorithm will show it to even more users. At the end of the day, it’s more the quality and content that will really affect the popularity of your posts; as Mosseri says that hashtags are more of a correlation and not a causation.

Looking to learn more about this update? Click on the article above.

4 Quick Tips To Boost Your Google Business Profile Visibility 

If you’re a small to medium-size business with a brick-and-mortar store, we can’t stress the importance of optimizing your Google My Business Profile enough! It will make a world of difference in getting the right audience to see your business on Google maps and is great for increasing local foot traffic.

This article highlights four tips and tricks you can use to boost your profile visibility without burning a hole in your wallet:

  1. Encourage reviews: The first thing a potential lead or customer will do is look at previous reviews before making a decision about whether or not they should visit your store. If a customer expresses their gratitude, politely ask them to leave you a Google review!
  2. Avoid Spammy Tactics: By now, we all know that Google doesn’t favour automated, or keyword-stuffed content. The same goes for your GMB profiles and reviews. If this sort of content is detected, it’s a huge red flag to both Google and potential customers.
  3. Respond to Negative Reviews: This shows that you care about your customer’s concerns, and are taking active step to resolve any issues!
  4. Leverage GBP Tools: Google has many free tools you can take advantage of, such as their free Marketing tool kit, which can help you create fun new content.

Click the article linked for a more in-depth explanation of each of these tips.

8 Benefits of User-Generated Content For Your Sales Strategy 

A lot of brands and businesses underestimate the power of User-Generated Content. Potential customers often seek out reviews or reassurance from previous customers. Encouraging UGC is a great way to increase brand awareness and trust.

It can come in many forms such as product reviews & testimonials, social media content, YouTube videos, blog posts, etc. It contributes to moving your customers further down the marketing funnel and helps community amongst your audience!

This article covers eight benefits of incorporating UGC into your strategy including driving relevant traffic to your website, improving your SEO rankings, upping your conversion rates, and many others!

Click the link above to read more.

Wrapping Up

So there you have it! This has been another exciting month for the digital marketing industry. We hope these five articles provided you with some helpful and interesting information you can use.

To do a quick review, first, we leaned about Google’s plans to phase out Universal Analytics and replace it with Google Analytics 4. We then moved on to explore the benefits of content repurposing.

Next, we learned all about Instagram hashtags, and the actual affect they have on increasing reach. We followed this with an article four quick tips to improve your GMB profile and visibility. Lastly, we discussed the different benefits UGC can have on your sales strategy .

Any questions, comments, or concerns? We’d love to hear your feedback. We’ll be back next month with 5 new articles for you. In the meantime, if you’re looking to learn more please check out our existing blogs that cover a range of digital marketing topics!

Post By Ellie Perrier (32 Posts)

Ellie is the Digital Marketing Coordinator at TechWyse. She's passionate about all things to do with social media and content marketing. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, gardening, and keeping active.


Ellie is the Digital Marketing Coordinator at TechWyse. She's passionate about all things to do with social media and content marketing. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, gardening, and keeping active.
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This Month: Google Analytics 4, Content Repurposing, Instagram, and More!

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