The Night Before Christmas: Internet Marketing Edition

The Night Before Christmas: Internet Marketing Edition

TechWyse The Night Before Christmas


‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through net,
husbands frantically searched for the perfect gift to get.
iPhones were a charging by the bedside with care,
while Amazon orders were shipped everywhere!


The children lay awake playing games on iPads,
annoying the millions of mothers and dads.
Mom was on Pinterest and Dad on WhatsApp,
with one final status they turned off the Mac.


With our phones all abuzz with shares, likes, and tweets,
And Instagrammed photos of mom’s favourite treats,
I reached for my Android- 26 notifications?!
I went to check Facebook with anticipation.


My feed quickly filled with spirit and cheer
with hundreds of hashtags saying “Santa is here!”
I listened for reindeer, the sound still a lacking,
so I tried to Google Santa’s GPS tracking.


Results were conflicting, confusing at best.
Bing said Dubai, and Google? The west!
No responsive websites, no graphics, nor flow!
No reaping the benefits of good SEO.


Whether Pandas, Penguins, Pigeons or Hummingbirds,
Santa wasn’t ranking for his top keywords.
Next year will be different with his site on the rise,
‘Cause he spoke to the expert staff @TechWyse.


Happy Holidays from all of your friends at TechWyse!

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